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Kits For Treating Marble

Marble's beauty needs to be captured and protected in order for you to gain the most enjoyment from your natural stone. What does your marble need to keep its deep glossy sheen? How can you protect your marble from unsightly discolorations that can come up?

Seal Your Marble Stone After Installation

All natural stone needs to be sealed to make it stain resistant. By putting a premium sealant on your marble, you create a barrier that keeps penetrating substances out of the pores of the stone. When certain liquids get into the pores of a natural stone, they can cause stains and marble is no exception to that rule.

Marble Mishaps and Etching

Marble is a natural stone containing calcite, a mineral that is destroyed when it comes in contact with acids. These acids can also deteriorate sealants that are normally used on natural stones by fabricators and stone installers. What that means is that even if you maintain your marble counter top faithfully, you can get an etch if it is exposed to a citrus spill or maybe a vinegar puddle for more than even a few seconds. Having an etch removing kit on hand allows you to get the etch out and the luster back in quickly.

Keeping the proper kits on hand will allow you to be prepared for whatever may come your way and keep your marble counter looking good as new.