How Italians Make Stone Shine.

Who we are:
Tenax USA is the parent company of Lustro Italiano.
Tenax is an Italian manufacturer of Adhesives and Chemicals specifically designed for natural and engineered stone.
Tenax is a worldwide company with branches in 7 countries and distribution in 96 countries worldwide.
Tenax is an industrial manufacturer and supplier to stone quarries throughout the world.
Tenax USA/Lustro Italiano
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Why Tenax created Lustro Italiano products

Tenax created the Lustro line of products for several reasons:

  1. Knowledge: Tenax receives calls on a daily basis from homeowners who are frustrated from the lack of knowledge of how to clean, maintain, seal, or repair the stone that has been installed in their home. So many contractors install beautiful, expensive stone for the homeowner and fail to explain how to take care of this investment. Lustro was created to give the homeowner knowledge and the right products for their stone.
  2. Quality products: After doing research of where consumers buy the majority of their cleaning and maintenance supplies, we did research to see what quality the consumer is getting for their money. Unfortunately, what we found was very poor quality. Cleaners and sealers are so watered down that they become very ineffective. In fact, we found some “stone cleaners” actually add ammonia in them. Harsh chemicals like these will destroy the sealer that came with the stone and even etch and remove the polish off of certain stones, such as marble! Being the manufacture of premium grade products, Tenax decided to take its industrial line of professional grade products and put them into a consumer package. These Lustro products will, by far, exceed the quality of anything that can be found at a super market, big box, or super store (unless they are carrying Lustro Italiano!
  3. Price: Related to point 2, Consumers are paying a premium price for water down, ineffective products. Lustro products offer uncompromised quality of products. No watered down products! Lustro Italiano products are premium, professional grade cleaners, sealers, polishes, and stain powders that cannot be compared with what is purchased from our competitors. Tenax Italy owns the factory, produces their own raw materials, and can control 100% of the manufacturing process. We know what goes in to our products. And we do not compromise quality for price. Lustro may not be the cheapest on the market. But it is the best!
  4. Specifically for stone: So many other cleaners and polishes on the market were designed for solid surface, glass, wood, or stainless steel. And the manufacturer has just added stone to the list without any knowledge of the composition and materials that make up stone. Tenax has been 100% exclusive in the stone industry for over 50 years. Tenax have on staff chemists who work directly with the stone quarry producers in creating adhesives and chemicals for products specifically for each class and type of stone. The Lustro line has used this invaluable knowledge to create Cleaners and polishes, as well as sealers and stain removers and polishing powders specifically for stone. We are a stone cleaner, polish and maintenance company.