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The Best Stone Cleaner

Do even a little bit of research via the Internet on the topic of how to clean natural stone and you will get a variety of results. Whether you are researching how to clean marble, cleaning travertine, or granite cleaner. You will be flooded with options. You will see recommendations that say that you do not need to use anything special. In the mix will be advice and recipes on how to concoct your own solution. This article will take a look at some of these approaches a give you some reasons why you may decide to our cleaners and why there is a case for Lustro Italiano to be considered the best stone cleaner system.

Preparing Stone for Easy Cleaning

You might think that to get the "best stone cleaner" you just need to select the cleaner that boasts the strongest cleaning action. After all, it would be understandable to reason, "I want a stone cleaner that won't cower in the face of tough stains." Yet, just selecting a cleaner that is tough without considering other aspects can lead to greater challenges to your keeping your stone maintained. How so?

Choosing your stone cleaner without understanding the needs of your natural stone can lead you down a path that results in your opening up the stone to stains and allowing substances to dirty the surface later. You may be thinking, "What do you mean?"

Stone surfaces are relatively porous and need to be sealed to protect substances from getting into the pores of the stone and discoloring it. If your stone has not been sealed, it will accept these substances more readily than a stone that has been sealed with a professional quality stone sealer. However, even if your stone has been sealed, using a tough acting cleaner can still be a hindrance. How so?

Many household cleaners are formulated in such a way that they will break down the stone sealer that you have applied to the stone. This would hardly qualify the product to be the "best stone cleaner". It might be the strongest, or the deepest cleaning for some surfaces. But, for a product to be considered the best stone cleaner, it would need to work in conjunction with the rest of your stone care and maintenance efforts. Otherwise, you could get into a cycle that resembles the following:

  1. Seal the stone to protect it
  2. Clean the stone with a cleaner that breaks down the sealer
  3. Get the stone dirty or stained because the sealer you applied is broken down by the cleaner
  4. Use the cleaner to remove the dirt or stain, if it is capable of removing the particular stain you have
  5. Repeat step one in the cycle

Alternatively, the best stone cleaner would be one that does not work against the sealer you apply. Compare the following cycle to the one above:

  1. Seal the stone to protect it
  2. Clean the stone with a cleaner that leaves the protective seal unharmed
  3. Regularly polish your stone to make it shine brilliantly using a polish fortified with a sealer
  4. Enjoy the benefits of a protected and clean shimmering stone countertop

Doesn't the second one sound much easier? Again, the best stone cleaner is one that does not work against you.

Cheap Does Not Equal Best

During your research on the Internet, you will encounter advice that says, "you do not need to seal your stone", "you can make your own cleaner easily", and you will find step-by-step instructions on how to formulate stone cleaners. Does following this advice lead to the reader producing the best stone cleaner? It is tempting to say yes because it seems like the cost is lower. But is that the case? Is the least expensive cleaner the best cleaner?

One thing you will find when you begin researching these do-it-yourself cleaners is that the recipes inevitably have warnings in them about using certain kinds of cleaning agents. This is because of what we considered above regarding the detrimental effects of some cleaners. So, you cannot just reach in the cabinet and use the cleaner you already have, you have to use specific kinds of cleaners. Additionally, if you are cleaning certain kinds of stone, you have to be extra careful because cleaners can leave the stone looking dull and causing you to have to restore the shine that the cleaner destroyed.

Let's say you manage to come with a concoction that works, you still have to buy the ingredients, find the right recipe, and then make the stone cleaner yourself. There is more to cost than just monetary value, time and work also play a factor. Even after you have found one that works, it still might not be as effective as commercial cleaners.

Why Lustro Italiano is the Best Stone Cleaner

Lustro Italiano is specifically formulated to preserve the protection that your stone should have. Additionally, we are advocates for your stone's overall care and protection and our stone cleaner fits into the overall routine perfectly. We have researched it, we have tested it, we have found the perfect way to care for your granite, marble, travertine, onyx, limestone, and yes even engineered stone. These reasons, along with the others mentioned in this article are why we consider Lustro Italiano to be the best stone cleaner.