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Concrete Care and Maintenance

Lustro Italiano offers products for man made materials of all kinds. Concrete is a material that is very versatile and is a part of many projects. Caring for and maintaining concrete surfaces is important to know about. This area offers articles the discuss various aspects of concrete, include care and maintenance.

  • Types of Concrete

    Around homes everywhere there a number of different kinds of concrete that are used for all sorts of surfaces, decorations, and structural elements in and around many styles of homes, hardscapes and gardens.

  • Clean Concrete Statues

    See how to clean concrete statues based on where they are located and what kind of stains they have while also treating them to be resistant to water absorption so they do not break, chip,or crack.

  • Paver Patio Cleaner

    What is the best way to clean a paver patio? You might think it is as simple as searching for the "best outdoor patio paver cleaner" and buying that product. However, there is a litte more to it than that.

  • Paver Restoration

    Why do paver patios need to be restored and what kinds of things create the need for paver patio restoration to be done on a patio surface used for gatherings and activities with friends and family.