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Sealing Natural Quartzite Stone Surfaces

Quartzite Sealer Applications

Having a beautiful natural stone surface is an experience that brings with it the necessity of caring for that amazing part of your decor. Quartzite is a very hard and durable natural material that withstands various challenges that get the better of other materials. However, sealing natural quartzite stone surfaces is a maintenance practice that should be undertaken if you want to keep your stone looking its best. But why seal your quartzite surface in the first place? And how often do quartzite sealer applications need to be done?

Do I Need to Seal Quartzite Countertops?

That is a question that many wonder about. And the answers will vary depending on who you talk to. The reason for all the seemingly "conflicting" information is that each stone is unique and every case must be looked at individually. However, the Natural Stone Institute has published information about the topic. Regarding residential countertops, the following was published:

The application of a topical sealer or impregnator is a common step in decreasing the vulnerability of the stone to stains.

Notice there are two kinds of "sealers" mentioned there. Here, we are discussing the impregnators, often times referred to as impregnating sealers. Regarding these, the same reference says the following:

Impregnators will penetrate the stone and cure a few millimeters below the surface, residing in the intercrystalline boundary areas and pores of the stone. These products do not actually "seal" the stone, and are more correctly referred to as a repellent rather than a sealer. As such, they are formulated to prevent transmission of liquids, while allowing transmission of vapor.

In other words, impregnating sealers (also called penetrating sealers) keep liquids (water based and oil based) out while still allowing the stone to "breathe".

How Does Sealing Quartzite Help Me?

As the quote above says, sealing stone is a common step in decreasing the stone's vulnerability to stains. how does it do that? Well, by treating natural quartzite with an impregnating sealer, you slow the rate at which liquids absorb into the stone. That means the stain causing liquids that often times are able to work their way into the stone and discolor them stays on the surface longer; giving you the opportunity to remove them easily. In this way, quartzite stone care and maintenance is accomplished through prevention

How Often Is Quartzite Sealer Needed?

As we mentioned at the outset of this discussion, each case will be different and even the same stone may not need to be sealed one day and the next it might need it. Why? Well without going into it here, cleaning natural quartzite and other natural stone should be done using the correct cleaner. And if it is, repellents will last longer and perform better. So, how can you tell if your quartzite stone is due for a sealer application?

Since quartzite, like other natural stone, forms in various densities, porosity, and appearances, the best way to determine if a stone surface needs sealer applied is to do an absorbency test. The test is simple and can be done in the following 3 steps:

  1. At various locations on the surface of the stone, pour small puddles of distilled water on the stone's surface.
  2. Allow the water to sit on the stone's surface for observation.
  3. Observe that puddles of water over the course of several minutes.

Following those 3 steps will allow you to see which areas of your particular stone are absorbing liquids. The faster the stone absorbs the water, the more good a sealer application will do. You will most likely find that some areas of your quartzite countertop or other surface will be "thirstier" than other parts of it.

Just One Aspect of Stone Care

Applying sealer to your natural quartzite stone countertop as needed is just one aspect of quartzite stone care and maintenance. There are other facets of an effective natural quartzite stone care routine. The following 4 practices will give you the best results when used together:

  1. Cleaning quartzite surfaces with a cleaner made for natural stone.
  2. Periodically applying an impregnating sealer to slow the absorbency of the stone.
  3. Using the appropriate stain remover to correct blemishes that occur in spite of the previous steps.
  4. Periodically applying a stone polish to the surface of the quartzite to keep it "fortified" and looking its best.

As we have seen in this brief discussion, quartzite stone care and maintenance involves a few practices and when all of them are implemented, the results will reflect it. Sealing natural quartzite though, is a big part of the program. And although it is only needed periodically, keeping up with it in conjunction with the other facets of your stone maintenance routine pays off in a stunning natural quartzite countertop.

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