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Does Lustro Premium Sealer have a “use by” or expiration date?
Typically when stored in your house Proseal can last for 2+ years with no problems. So you can open and use what you need and then apply a second coat at a later date with no worries.
Does the Lustro Italiano Etch Remover work on Quartzite?
Many stones classified as “quartzites” have marble properties (calcite) in them. This does get confusing for slab suppliers, fabricators, and then the homeowners as well. Therefore, homeowners
How Do I Remove Scratches or Stains From Wall Mounted Marble Wall Tile?
We always recommend you take a photo of the tiles in question and contact us through the website so we can have a technician assist you with you specific situation. This is because scratches vary in
How often should we reseal our granite counters?
This will vary depending on how much you use your countertops. For example, in my home we have a family of 4 with 2 girls ages 13,14. And we love to cook. So we use our kitchen every day. So we are
How Should my granite be cleaned?
It is really important that you do not clean with anything acidic: vinegar, glass cleaners, or other harsh chemicals. This will break down your sealer extremely fast. And could actually remove the
Marble Etching on Floor Around Toilet
Question: Hello, I'm wondering if your product will help with some etching that occurred around our toilet. We had a leak that was hard to detect and discovered it after this mark was left. I'm won
Our Quartzite counters have been sealed 7 times professionally and still react to acid, what can I do to prevent etching?
As far as sealer goes, there is no amount of sealer that will protect any marble area from etching. Sealers protect from staining, but not etching. There are no products on the market anywhere to p
Water Splashes and Stains On My Quartzite Countertop That Has Been Resined
Question: I recently had this natural stone installed for kitchen countertops. I was told by the fabricator/installer that I did not need to seal it because it was vacuum resined and polished at th