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Dolce Vita Question

I was told my kitchen counter was quartzite and just as durable as granite. It is Dolce Vita and is not granite but a type of marble. I carelessly left a juice squeezer on the counter and now have a lemon juice ring in the middle of the counter. With the Covid virus around, I really don’t want anyone in the house unnecessarily. Would any of your products be worth trying?

Thank you,


Answer from Lustro Italiano

Hi Carol,

I am sorry there was some discrepancy on your quartzite. BUT Dolce Vita is sooooo beautiful.

It will take a little more maintenance but nothing you can’t take care of yourself. To get the ring out use our Etch Remover. It will bring the polish back up.

I would HIGHLY recommend sealing it really well. We have our premium sealer that I would recommend. This is professional premium sealer. It smells. But it works really good. Use a PH balance cleaner. Do not use Windex with vinegar. It will etch it for sure. We have a kit that has all of that in it plus a stone polish (like a pledge for stone) it gives it a nice shine, makes it super smooth but also adds a topical protection as well. Here is the kit:

First. Use the etch remover and get the ring out. Follow the instructions on the label. Then Clean the stone and let it dry as best you can, especially around the sink and stove area.

Applying the Lustro stone sealer

Apply the sealer liberally on the surface. Let it “sit” on the stone for 5 minutes. If it absorbs it all, apply more until it is standing on the surface. Then completely wipe off all the sealer off the surface. Let it dry for at least 6 hours to overnight. Then reapply the same way again. This will create a very nice seal on the marble. Depending on how much you cook, reseal every year. After that apply the stone polish every couple of weeks or whenever you choose. And daily clean with the Lustro stone cleaner. That will keep the marble looking great. Once you get the kit and it arrives, call/text me and I can walk you through it just before you use it, if you need help. Let me know if you have more questions.

Thank you,