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Your Stone's Appearance

This category of articles is designed to provide information for you regarding the appearance of stone. Articles here will discuss a variety of aspects of the appearance of stone and how it play into the beauty of your home.

  • Engineered vs. Natural

    Granite & Engineered Stone

    Determining the kind of stone you have can be a challenge. However, there are basic characteristics that can help you identify which stone you have. This article discusses them.

  • Stains & Natural Stone

    Stone Stains

    What are the contributing factors that influence a stone's capacity to discolor (or "stain")? This article talks about two key aspects of stone that need to be considered when choosing.

  • Best Stone Cleaners

    Best Stone Cleaner

    Finding the best stone cleaner involves more than just price and how well the cleaner removes dirt. While these are factors, they are only part of what goes into the definition.