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Comparing Edge Profiles - Practical & Decorative

One aspect of installing a new stone counter top is deciding on what type of edge you prefer. Because of this, we thought it would be helpful to take a brief look at some of the benefits of a few edge profiles that can be used for counter tops.

Bullnose Edge Profiles

Bullnose edge profiles offer a clean look from a design perspective. In addition to the clean look, the bullnose edge profiles fit really well in traditional designs. This means that as current trends in home decor change over time, this style of counter top edge will hold its appeal. The bullnose edge is seen in a couple of main variations; full bullnose & demi bullnose. Here are a couple of images to highlight this style of edge:

Some individuals feel that although the bullnose edge profiles are timeless in their design, they have some practical disadvantages. One such disadvantage is mentioned in this post about edge profiles on the author states the following about bullnose profiles:

It's a common complaint that a bull-nosed edge profile like the one above can make it difficult to wipe crumbs from the countertop. Have you had this experience? I know I have.
So, although bullnose profiles are nice for classic, traditional designs, there may be some characteristics that make them less practical for some home owners. This is something to be aware of as an installer or fabricator that is providing guidance to a home owner that choosing their first slab and is not sure what profile they would like.

Eased Edge Profile

Square Edge Profiles

As with the bullnose edge profile, the square edge looks clean and timeless. For the purposes of our discussion, square edge profiles really entail more than one style of edge. A square edge may be "eased" or "mitered". The eased edge profile is actually a slightly rounded sharp edge that carries the advantage of making the corners of the slab softer, or not as "sharp". This translates into a safety benefit.

The mitered edge can be used to give the appearance of an eased square edge on a thicker slab. By using a mitered edge, the look of an extra thick slab can be obtained by using a standard 2cm or 3cm thick slab. These square edge profile variations are seen in the photo above.

Decorative Edge Profiles

The third kind of edge profiles that home owners may inquire about are what we will call decorative edge profiles. These are more ornate than the bullnose or square edge variants. Being more detailed, they can really add to a specific style or look and feel of an area. Decorative edge profiles come in a variety of designs. A couple of decorative edges are the Ogee and Dupont edges as seen here:

Decorative Edge Profiles

Finally, you can creatively mix more than one of these edges to get an even more unique edge. So, if you are a choosing a fabricator, you may consider your ideas with the fabricator.

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