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What Do You Use to Clean Granite Countertops?

I feel cleaning your granite countertops is actually a 3 step process. Sure, you can use just mild soap and water or pull out that standard cleaner from under your sink cabinet and clean your granite countertops and you really aren't hurting your granite... or are you?

To truly clean your granite countertops and maintain their beautiful luster over time you should follow this simple 3 step process of:

  1. Sealing
  2. Cleaning
  3. Polishing

Step One - Sealing Your Countertop

Everything starts with a professional quality sealer being applied to your granite countertops. Stone surfaces are naturally porous and need to be sealed to help prevent any dirt and substances from getting into the pores of the stone. A properly sealed granite countertop will be easier to clean giving you enough time to clean up spills and messes to help prevent staining. Therefore, cleaning and sealing granite countertops go hand in hand.

Step 2 - Countertop Cleaner

The second step in this simple process is the actual daily cleaning. Selecting the proper stone cleaner can make a difference in the overall maintenance of your granite countertops. You want to use a stone cleaner that will work with your sealer and not against it. Most household cleaners are designed to clean without consideration of its application or surface. "The Best Stone Cleaner" is a cleaner that will work in conjunction with your sealer leaving the sealer unharmed. As I said in the beginning, you may use household cleaners on your granite and not harm the stone, but those cleaners may be deteriorating your sealer and breaking it down faster requiring your granite countertops to be sealed more often to keep them protected.

Step 3 - Polishing Granite Counters

And the final step of this simple 3 step process is polishing. By regularly using a premium polish like the Lustro Italiano Stone Polish you can maintain the brilliant shine of the granite. Use this stone polish once every couple weeks or whenever you want to add luster to show off the beauty of your granite. This is similar to a "Pledge" for granite countertops. The Lustro Italiano Stone Polish also includes sealer that is adding additional protection to your stone countertops as well as extending the life of your sealer.

Therefore, when talking about how to clean and polish granite countertops, I suggest following this simple 3 step process to give an overall care and maintenance plan for your beautiful investment.

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16 Ounce Stone Cleaner Stone Cleaner 16 oz.

Removes film from stone and other hard surfaces while leaving stone streak free.

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32 Ounce Cleaner For Natural Stone Stone Cleaner 32 oz.

Streak free stone cleaner removes film from stone and other hard surfaces.

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Stone Polish & Sealer Stone Polish and Sealer

Aerosol premium quality polish includes sealer that provides additional protection against stains and brings out brilliant colors in the stone.

Our Price: $16.99

Premium Grade Sealer Ultra Premium Stone Sealer

If your kitchen countertop hasn't been sealed within the last year or you aren't sure, then apply a premium grade stone sealer to protect your investment.

Our Price: $17.98

Granite Cleaner and Polishing Kit Stone Cleaner & Polish Kit

Protect and maintain your surfaces with this kit containing stone cleaner and stone polishing products.

Our Price: $29.95

Professional Granite Reseal Kit Professional Counter Top Reseal Kit

Get professional quality seal on your granite countertop in about 30 minutes without calling, scheduling, and waiting for the person to arrive. Seal it yourself in three simple steps.

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