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3 Design Factors for Stone Counter Tops

Beige Granite Stone

Perhaps you have seen the luxuriant kitchen photos on one or more of the social media sites via the Internet. While designing a kitchen that grabs attention takes specific talent, it may be helpful to keep some specific aspects of your stone counter top in mind when planning a new kitchen. This article will consider just three.

Stone Color Affects Design

The first of the design factors for counter tops that we will consider in our discussion is the color of the stone. The colors chosen to be used in a design are important because they impact the overall look and feel of the space.

Blue Pearl Granite

Knowing some basic color principles can help you to select a counter top stone that actively works toward a specific "feel" or "mood". Research and studies suggest that color can even impact behaviors and how we perceive the size and depth of space. So, learning how color choices impact your design is a good idea. Using that knowledge when selecting the color of your stone counter top allows you to influence the space in a variety of ways.

Design Layout Options

Kitchens are designed in a variety of configurations and layouts. If you are completely remodeling the space and are able to reconfigure the area, you may choose to go with one of the following layouts:

  • G-Shaped Layout
  • U-Shaped Layout
  • L-Shaped Layout
  • Single Line Layout
  • Island Layout

On the other hand, if you have an existing layout and you are simply replacing the counter tops with new stone you are limited in what you can do. However, even the stone's edges can contribute to the feel of the space.

Edge Profile and Design

The color of the stone itself and the layout of the room impact the space in obvious ways. Yet there are other design choices that can have an affect in subtle ways as well. For example, edge profiling can add a specific touch to a room that adds to the atmosphere ever so slightly.

From a functional perspective, the edge profile you choose for a counter can make a bigger difference. For example, some edges are easier to clean than others. Or, an edge with with a straight side can make it much easier to wipe crumbs off the surface. These are a couple of ways that the edge profile can affect the functionality of the counter. Knowing which edge profiles are available can be helpful when choosing a fabrication company.

In conclusion, there are many factors that have an impact on your kitchen's design. We have taken a brief look three aspects of the counter top design. How you choose to utilize these and other facets of the design of your stone counter top will help you accomplish your goal; creating the perfect kitchen space.

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