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Commercial Travertine

When travetrtine is purchased from a stone or tile supplier, it may need a bit of "touching up" in order to be used for your flooring or other hard surfaces. This touch up often times requires a filler to be used to make the surface smooth. We offer transparent and 3 complimentary colors of filler for travertine here on the website. These fillers can be used to enhance and smooth the surface of travertine tiles and other surfaces.

Travertine, A Variety of Colors

Travertine is one of the many fascinating types of stone that can be found in the earth. Often times people are led to believe that travertine is only found in beiges, browns and gray hues. However this gallery shows a range of colors that travertine forms in. This area is one of many places on the Internet that you can use for inspiration and/or information. If you are curious about what kinds of unique travertine colors can be found, browse through this collection. Our hope is that your appreciation for the beauty of travertine will grow. All images are provided by James St. John under the Creative Commons 2.0 license.