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If you have shopped for granite, you may have found that the pricing that you receive from various sources occupies a wide price range. If you have ever wondered why that is the case, you might be interested in some the possible reasons for this. If that describes you, keep reading.

How Much Do Granite Countertops Cost?

As a general rule, you will find an array of price ranges for granite surfaces. These are reported as follows:

  • Low Priced Granite
  • Medium Priced Granite
  • High Priced Granite

So, how much are prices that you will find in each of those ranges? Well low priced granite can run anywhere between $35 to $40 per sq. ft. Not every "low cost granite" source will offer stone at those rates, but it is possible to find granite in that price range. Moving along to the medium priced granite; these stones are obtainable at prices ranging from $50 to $65 per sq. ft. So you could expect this range to rest in the middle of your pricing span. Finally, for the high priced part of the granite price scale; This segment of the range spans anywhere from $75 to $100 per sq. ft. - and even higher. Now that we have established the price ranges, let's consider some potential reasons why granite prices vary so widely.

Why Are Granite Countertop Prices So Varied?

That question is one that is of interest to many shoppers looking to install (or have installed) new countertops in the home. And, even though there are many reasons why this might the case, we will mention only a few possibilities here. As we consider some potential reasons, keep in mind that this is not an exhaustive list. Additionally, these are only possible reasons for pricing differences. The actual reason for pricing differences that you may have encountered could be the result of an entirely different collection of causes. However, let's delve into our list of potential causes for price variations in granite countertops.

Granite Quality (Demand) Can Affect Price

Like many other items that you buy, granite is not all the same. Certain characteristics can contribute to the price differences that are seen in the granite industry. One of those properties is the quality of the stone itself. Really, the term "quality" could be little deceiving because the reality is that granite is more of a preference than the durability of the material. It is very durable when you compare granite to other natural stones like marble. So let's take a brief look at what makes one stone more desirable than another.

Color Affects Demand

In the stone industry, some stones are more sought after than others. One of the main factors contributing to this is the color. The color of the granite plays a role in its popularity along with the pattern (or veining) that the stone has. If there is a high degree of interest in the stone but not much of it is available, it can drive the cost up. So if you like a specific type of granite and it happens to be one of the ones that are popular, then you might have to come to grips with paying a higher price.

Low Price Simple Edge Profile

Price Is Based On the Work Involved

Not every granite countertop requires the same amount of work to cut and install. For example, you may have a galley kitchen. Or there may not be very many cuts needed to create your countertop. Additionally, you may prefer to have simple edging around the borders of your kitchen counters like the edge shown in the image above. If so, you might find a bit of a fluctuation in the southern direction on the price tag. However, if you have your eye on a more complicated edge profile like the one below, or the layout requires more cuts, then the work will increase; and so will the price.

Low Price Simple Edge Profile

What Price Are You Comfortable With?

In conclusion, prices for granite vary based on the overall value of the granite, and the preference of the buyer. That means you will most likely have a wide range of people choosing various kinds of granite and paying an array of prices. The question each granite shopper should ask herself is this: "Is this granite worth the price they are asking?" If you say yes to that question, you cannot go wrong.

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