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Choosing The Right Product

We regularly inform our customers about the importance of knowing what kind of stain you have. It is a good starting point. However, there are some situations where you cannot be sure exactly what kind of stain you are treating. That is what Tammy was dealing with. In this video, she explains the variety of products she tried on her stone surface. Here is what she says about her takeaway from the event:

Removing etching marks from my marble table using Lustro Italiano Etch Remover. I tried a few products that didn't work. I think the Lustro Italiano Etch Remover would work on water marks, if you used the wrong cleaner and left mark, if you got citrus on marble or light scratches. We had a lot of time messing around to get it to look good and blend it right.

  • Lustro Italiano Stain Remover Poultice Powder - didn't work for this.
  • Rock Doctor Granite Polish - didn't work for making the marks look any better but we used at end to reseal.

Even if you try a product and it does not work to remove your stain, stay calm and don't lose hope. Sometimes it is simply a matter of matching the proper product with the stain. We do recommend however, that you give some thought to the order in which you use cleaning products. This is because a cleaner can affect the stone as mentioned in this other video about Lustro Italiano by a cleaning professional.