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Stone Sealers & Enhancers

Find an array of stone enhancing products to bring out the best of your natural stone surfaces. adding luster to stone countertops is easy with stone polish with sealer. Increase the polished look of your stone with a transparent liquid stone wax. Or, enhance natural stone colors with Ager. These products will help you to not only keep your stone surfaces looking polished, but also maintain the high polished look and seal in the beauty of your natural stone.

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Quartz Polishing Spray Quartz Stone Polish

Aerosol polishing spray designed to provide protection against stains and spills. Brings out brilliant colors in the quartz.

Our Price: $13.90

Stone Polish & Sealer | Lustro Italiano Stone Polish and Sealer

Aerosol premium quality polish includes sealer that provides additional protection against stains and brings out brilliant colors in the stone.

Our Price: $16.99

Premium Grade Sealer Ultra Premium Stone Sealer

If your kitchen hasn't been sealed within the last year, or you do not know if your counter has been sealed, then apply this premium grade stone sealer to protect your investment.

Our Price: $17.98

CeraFluida Liquid Stone Wax Classic Tenax Cera Fluida Stone Liquid Wax

Tenax transparent liquid stone wax increases the polished look on your onyx, marble, natural stones, granite, agglomerates and terrazzo.

Our Price: $19.90
Stone Color Enhancing Sealer Ager Color Enhancing Sealer 250ml

Ager color enhancer for bringing out the original deep
rich color and and luster that your marble or granite stone originally had.

Our Price: $29.90

1 Quart Ager Color Enhancing Sealer Ager Color Enhancing Sealer 1 Quart

Bringing out the deep
rich color of your natural stone and restore the deep luster that is hiding in the stone due to normal aging of  the material.

Our Price: $75.00