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Answers to Product Questions

Looking for a quick answer to a product question? This area of the site will help you find those answers. Here are some specific product questions that we have found asked on a variety of websites across the Internet. These answers are designed to help you match Lustro Italiano products to specific needs you may have or help answer questions you may have regarding the use of a specific product.

Can the Etch Remover be used on granite?

The Lustro Italiano etch remover is made specifically to remove a specific kind of discoloration known as an "etch". Etches occur in natural stone that is comprised of material that contains calcite. While there are exceptions, generally speaking, granite does not contain calcite. Therefore, discolorations in granite may respond better to one of the other Lustro Italiano products like stain remover or rust remover for surface rust that has formed on a granite surface.

Can the Stone Polish be used on marble?

Lustro Italiano Stone Polish Spray is formulated to bring out the brilliant colors in your natural stone material. In addition to its unique compounds, the stone polish is designed to help protect your natural stone surfaces; including marble. While no product can prevent every kind of stain or discoloration, Lustro Italiano Stone Polish is considered by many (like Tenaj) to be the best on the market.

Why is my spray polish not working?

Sometimes when polish is stored and there is some polish present on the nozzle of the can, the polish can gum up the nozzle. One thing that often times will free up the nozzle is to simply tip the can upside down and spray a little bit of the polish out of the can. This often times cleans residual polish from the nozzle and allows the spray can to function properly.

Does the Stone Sealer protect against acids?

Lustro Italiano Stone Sealer is designed to make the stone more resistant to staining and discolorations that are caused by liquids penetrating the pores and reacting with the materials in the stone. No stone sealer can prevent every potential discoloration, however, using a maintenance program that consists of a variety of ongoing practices, your stone surfaces can have the best protection possible. Lustro Italiano Stone Sealer is one component in the maintenance program that we recommend in this article that describes the importance of using a good stone cleaner.

Can Granite Rust Stains Come From the Inside?

Yes. it is possible for a rust stain to develop from within the stone. Natural stone material is composed of natural substances including minerals. Depending on the type of stone, ther maybe certain substances in the rock itself that can react with moisture. If there is Iron in the stone it can react with moisture and generate a stain. We have had a number of customers inquire about rust and granite so we created a post entitled Where Does Granite Rust Come From? to explain these types of stains.