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Porcelain & Sintered Stone Cleaning

A wide variety of products available to homeowners and business owners fall under the category of porcelain or sintered stone. These technologically advanced products offer features that many home and business owners opt for. Because of the processes used in creating these products as well as the materials and technology involved, each product will vary in recommended care and cleaning. However, there are similarities. We break down the material types into two main areas; porcelain and sintered stone. For detailed explanation of how the two materials compare, you can find out more about porcelain and sintered stone.

  • Cleaning Porcelain Tile

    Many materials appear similar, but are made with various technologies and substances. In this document, we will briefly discuss how to clean porcelain ceramic surfaces and what to use for removing stains on porcelain.

  • Porcelain/Ceramic Care

    If you have opted for adorning your home or business with porcelain countertops, you probably are aware of the modern look and feel of this tough surface. This area covers cleaning and maintenance.

  • Sintered Stone Care

    If you have chosen sintered stone surfaces for your home or business, you probably are aware of the modern look and feel of this durable material. This section covers cleaning & maintenance of sintered stone.

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