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Refresh and Rejuvenate Quartz

Quartz surfaces are a practical and appealing choice when it comes to countertops, floors, and even furniture pieces. In fact, when choosing your material you may be told that the care and maintenance is easy and that quartz "needs no sealer". Yet, many quartz owners find that there times when quartz surfaces may need a little bit of luster restored. In this article we will look at an actual case where a quartz owner was in need of a practical way to refresh and rejuvenate her quartz surface. We'll also note what challenge she faced and how she was able to overcome it to get results. Finally, we'll see the results she shared with us.

Easy Maintenance is Not Maintenance Free

Although quartz is relatively easy to care for, it doesn't mean the material is maintenance free. After all, using the surface will inevitably create cases where spills happen.

Dried on food and/or drinks can leave the quartz owner with challenging clean up tasks. And even if the day-to-day cleaning is maintained very well, quartz can get "smudged up" a bit due to the oil from skin.

Actual Lustro Customer Experience

As mentioned above, even well cared for quartz can at times be in need of some rejuvenation or refreshing. That's what happened in the case of one of our customers. She had just had benches installed but she felt that they were a bit dull in appearance and had smudge looking "stains" she wanted to remove.

The Challenge She Encountered

She asked the professional that installed the benches for suggestions or tips on how to improve the appearance. Unfortunately, the installer had no remedy for these quartz benches.

"Stumbling Stone" Turned to "Stepping Stone"

Just because a craftsman is unaware of a solution for a given situation, does not mean that the surface must become a "stone of stumbling". That outcome was avoided in this case because the quartz owner took some steps to get answers.

The quartz owner industriously began researching her quartz product by its name and description. Her industriousness paid off and she turned the challenge into a stepping stone, a solution! She told our customer service department the following:

"These benches were just fabricated / installed but showed up very dull and with these strange stains. The stone mason had no suggestions or solutions to offer so I researched... and found that Lustro Italiano was recommended."

She ended up using our Quartz Cleaner & Polish Enhancer Set to fix the issue with the benches in two steps:

How She Refreshed and Rejuvenated Quartz Benches

  1. Clean Up the Smudged Looking Spots - using the Lustro cleaner formulated for quartz surfaces, she was able to remove the spots from the surface of the benches.
  2. Enhance the Dullness of the Benches - applying the polish enhancer to the surfaces after cleaning them gave the quartz a deep, rich look.

The customer felt that the Lustro Italiano refreshed and rejuvenated the quartz. Or, in the case of these 'newly installed benches' gave them the "pop" they were missing. Notice what she said about the results:

"It made a huge improvement as you can see!"

She shared her photos with us and they are remarkable. It is no wonder she was impressed. Here are the before and afters from the top and up close:

Top View Before

Quartz Benches Top View Needing Enhanced
Before Treatment (Top View)

Top View After

Quartz Benches Top View Rejuvenated
After Treatment (Top View)

Close Up Before

Quartz Benches Close Up Needing Refreshed
Before Treatment (Close Up)

Close Up After

Quartz Close Up After Refreshing
After Treatment (Close Up)

Quartz Care Tips & Tricks

Beyond the occasional refreshing of quartz that needs rejuvenated, you will most likely want to keep it looking its best. Here are some short snippet-sized tips and tricks for keeping your quartz looking good:

  • Regular Cleaning - clean your quartz daily using a cleaner specifically formulated for cleaning quartz. Sure, you don't need to use it, but it is better than just soap and water.
  • Deep Cleaning - If you do tip number one, this tip should not need to be done.
  • Use Appropriate Cleaner - again, the first tip covers this one.
  • Oil Based Stains - oil based stains show up on quartz. Dark colored quartz is less forgiving than other colors. Sounding like the proverbial "broken record", but here it is: tip number one alleviates this issue since formulated cleaner will remove most oil based substances. However, if the spot is particularly stubborn, you can use a stain fighter to remove it.
  • Mineral Deposits - quartz can get mineral build up on the surface in some cases, for these kinds of stubborn stains you can use limescale remover.
  • An Ounce of Prevention... - cleaning up spills as soon as they occur will eliminate the stain before it even occurs.
  • Use Hot Pads, Cutting Boards, and Trivets - some discolorations are actually from high heat or tiny scratches. Using tools to protect the surface helps you avoid problems.

As we have seen in this article, just because you have new quartz it doesn't mean that it won't need to be treated. Additionally, professionals and installers do not always have all the answers and a little bit of research goes a long way. Finally, there is no need to panic if your quartz is not as bright, deeply colored, or shiny as you would like. Knowing where to go for answers is sometimes the simplest way to get results, as the customer in this case demonstrated!

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