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Photo provided by James St. John under the Creative Commons 2.0 license.

Why Some Prefer Natural Granite Kitchen Countertops

The fact is that there are a number of materials from which to choose when it comes to a kitchen countertop. There are a number of man made materials and a pretty wide selection of natural stone choices that could be used for kitchen countertop or other surface in the home or business. So why do some consumers choose granite? What are some of the granite choices that are out there? In this article, we will consider these questions and some other information as well.

The Material by Which Others Are Measured

It seems like every time you open a web page or read other information about natural or engineered stone, the writer is drawing a comparison to natural granite. Why do so many individuals compare other countertop surface materials to natural granite? The answer is simple really. It is because natural granite has wide recognition and a reputation for quality. For years it has been featured on all sorts of television shows that center around home purchasing and/or remodeling. You have no doubt heard the exclamation, "it's got to have granite countertops!" Or maybe you have heard a real estate agent using granite as a selling point. Either way, these practices indirectly educate shoppers about natural granite.

Because of the amount of recognition that natural granite has, many people have come to understand that granite is a durable and beautiful. And since so many have expressed their desire for natural granite, it has become the stone to which other materials get compared. So, often times you will see articles like Comparing Granite to Quartz.

The Diverse Color Selection of Granite

Another reason that granite is so desirable is that there are so many available colors. The variety of granite is extensive and there are a range of shades and visual textures. The following is a small sampling of the colors that you can find:

Durable and Heat Resistant

Natural granite is also durable and heat resistant. Because it is a rock that forms through volcanic activity, it is naturally resistant to normal household temperatures.

Granite is also a hard stone that measures 6-7 on the Mohs Scale of Mineral Hardness. Because of its hardness, natural granite resists scratching from normal wear and tear that comes from household utensils and food preparation.

A Natural Choice

Finally, one of the big reasons that granite is selected as the choice for a kitchen countertop surface is that it is a natural stone. Some consumers prefer natural stone over man made materials. Choosing a natural stone material means that nobody else will have a countertop like yours. True, there will be others like it, perhaps the same color and similar patterns. But no two stones are exactly alike. Even a book matched stone will vary a tiny bit.

In conclusion, we have seen that there are a number of reasons that people are not only familiar with natural granite, but also prefer it over other material for kitchen countertops. In the end, it is not the best choice for everyone. But those that enjoy unique designs and appreciate having natural stone, granite is an appealing option.