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Easy Ways to Freshen Up Your Kitchen

Sometimes less is more. And when you consider upgrades to your home, that is often the case when the budget is slim and time is short. So in this article we are going to share some easy ways to freshen up your kitchen. These techniques were selected because they are relatively low cost and most of them can be done yourself.

Add Appealing Accents

The first easy way to freshen up your kitchen is by adding some simple accents or changing out some of the ones you already have. This need not be a huge undertaking since these techniques are particularly effective. Let's look at three methods of accenting your kitchen.


Adding some shelving to your kitchen is an easy and effective way to update and freshen up your kitchen. Accentuating the room by adding some items to your new shelving is simple and gives the room a personal touch that adds flare.

Floor Rug

An area rug in your kitchen is another particularly simple and effective method for accenting a dull or ordinary space. If you already have a rug in the room, is it solid in color? Maybe try a rug with an interesting or lively pattern that will make the room mroe energetic!


The third accent technique we will offer in this part of our article is adding a backsplash. Although, this one is not as easy to apply as the previous two accenting techniques, it is relatively easy to find someone that can be paid to add a backsplash. Furthermore, the cost of this update is not exorbitant by any means.

Accenting your kitchen in one of the three ways we have mentioned here is a very effective technique to put to work for you. You'll find that accentuating your kitchen refreshes the overall look and the updates are not complicated.

Add or Replace Hardware

The second of our techniques for updating and refreshing your kitchen is by changing out or adding some hardware. For the purpose of our discussion we will talk about three kinds of "hardware" type items that can be easily changed or added. So let's look at them now.

Sinks & Faucets

The first kind of hardware we will look at in this technique is sinks and faucets. There are a large number of faucets and sinks available. For example, a single handle pull down faucet like the one here is relatively inexpensive for the quality and style you get. While changing out your sink might be something that you may want to hire a professional to do, changing out your faucet is not as challenging. Simply find a faucet you like and change it out according to the directions.

Light Fixtures

Next up in our hardware updates is the lighting. Updating your kitchen lighting makes a big impact. One change you can make is adding ambient lighting in the form of LED under-cabinet lighting. This upgrade is inexpensive and easy to install. It also produces a warm, cozy atmosphere when the room lighting is off.

In addition to ambient lighting, updating kitchen hardware includes upgrading a ceiling light to something classier like a chandelier. Simple light fixture changes are effective and relatively inexpensive for what they produce.

Cabinet Hardware

The third type of hardware upgrade we will mention in our discussion is cabinet hardware. If your cabinetry came with hardware it might be very basic. And some cabinets have no hardware at all. Adding hardware to cabinets that had none extremely simple and require only minimal tools like a drill and a screwdriver. If your cabinets already have hardware and you want to upgrade, your choices will be limited to new hardware that has the same hole patterns and spacing as your old hardware. This is not something that could be called a hurdle, but it is something to keep in mind when you choose your new hardware.

Changing changing your kitchen hardware allows you to easily update and refresh the room without having to break the bank if you are willing to put in a little work or money to make it happen.

Apply Paint

The last technique you can use to update and refresh your kitchen is by simply buying some paint and applying it in one of a number of ways. Adding or changing the color of your kitchen can really freshen up the look. Let's look at three specific methods of using paint to update and refresh your room's look.


The first method we will look at may involve a little more than just a simple paint job, although in some cases you might be able to get by with just paint. But refinishing furniture in your kitchen can be transformative at a low "cost per pop index" value. The kitchen furniture you've had for years will look like new with a different finish, or an antiquing treatment. Make no mistake. Refinishing furniture does require some elbow grease, but the pay off is big in comparison to the amount of work required.

Create An Accent Wall

If you want to get more from your effort with less elbow grease then making an accent wall might be the thing that gives your kitchen a "refresh". This simple method of applying a well chosen paint color to a single wall in the room is perhaps the easiest of the three painting techniques we mention in this section of the article. Adding an accent wall can be done in a single afternoon for very little cost.

Repaint the Whole Kitchen

Finally, if your kitchen is drab or if you are just tired of the color, you may opt for a complete repaint. Repainting your kitchen to a color that you prefer or one that creates a desired affect is very easy to accomplish for someone that has the patience and the time to do it. Otherwise, hiring someone to do it for you might be a viable option.

In conclusion, when it comes to giving your kitchen an upgrade or just freshening it up a bit, using one of these techinques or perhaps combining multiple methds from different techniques can make you kitchen look and feel completely new and refreshing. So, if you are feeling that your kitchen is in need of a remodel, why not give one or more of these ideas a try? You might be pleasantly surprised at how much of a difference you relaize.

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