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Natural Granite Care Products

Care Product for Granite Stone

If you have a granite counter top or some other surface in your home is made of granite, then this is where you will find stone care products that are compatible with granite maintenance.

Granite is a hard, durable stone that is composed of quartz and feldspar. Your granite benefits by a regular routine of cleaning and polishing with 'fortified' polish. We use the term 'fortified' to mean that the polish contains a sealer to replenish the stone's seal. Additionally, you will get a great deal of benefit from using a stone cleaner that does not break down the sealer on your granite. This category was created so you can browse by stone type for any products that are designed to use with your granite stone.

It is possible for granite to stain. Whether it is rust, oil, or some other household liquid, we have a remover that will go to work on the stain. In fact, everything you need to care for your granite can be found right here.

  • Natural Granite Kits

    Care for your granite the proper way by following this routine to seal your granite counters and protect them from stains that can occur. Having your granite care kit on hand will allow you to respond to any mishaps that can arise without warning.

  • Granite Care Products

    Do you have a piece of granite that needs cleaned, polished, or revitalized? If so, you will find what you need in this area. Color enhancers, stone wax and premium sealants for natural stone can be found in the granite care area.