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Kinds of Stone Care

Caring For Various Stone Types

Every home is a unique place that represents much more than a dwelling place. Throughout your home there are a variety of surfaces, colors, and textures that make your home the one of a kind abode that you have transformed it into. That transformation has come to be by your choice of decor. From the bathroom vanities to the kitchen counter tops. And No matter what kind of stone you have chosen, Lustro Italiano has a product to protect, care for, or enhance its appearance.

Natural Stone Care Products

Our stone care products are made with the goal of providing exceptional quality to our customers. We understand that your natural stone is one of a kind and and it is unique. We appreciate that all natural stones are valued by their color, composition and individuality. That's why we have products designed for all types of natural stone. No matter which natural stone you have chosen, look around on this site, you may be surprised at how we can help you care for your natural stone counter tops, floors, and other surfaces. We have products for every phase of your stone's life.

  • Calcareous Stone

    Marble's beauty brings a particular set of care methods that are required to protect it from liquids that could harm its luster. Make sure your are prepared to rescue your marble counter should it fall victim to a damaging acidic spill.

  • Concrete Care

    Concrete is all around the home. both indoors and outdoors. Cleaning Driveways, sidewalks, furniture, and fixtures made of concrete as well as maintaining them and removing stains from these is as important as sealing concrete surfaces.

  • Quartzite Care

    Natural stone is available in numerous looks and appearances must be maintained using quality products and by cleaning, polishing, removing stains, and regularly sealing natural quartzite stone as part of the stone care routine.

  • Engineered Quartz

    New variations of engineered stone resemble authentic natural stone even closer than before. If your home features engineered stone, Lustro Italiano cleaning and polishing products will make your engineered stone shine brilliantly.

  • Granite Products

    Caring for granite is well worth the effort. and by putting some basic practices into action. You can make certain that your granite counters are shielded from stains and maintain their deep colorful luster as long as you have them.

Types of Stone
  • Granite - An igneous rock with at least 20% quartz and up to 65% feldspar that is very hard and durable. Granite cleaner and sealer are products that are used for maintenance.
  • Marble - A metamorphic rock made up of recrystallized minerals and is softer than granite and is used commonly for sculptures and building.
  • Sandstone - A sedimentary rock that is composed of... ...wait for it... ...sand! This stone can be very hard in some cases and the hardness really depends on the type of sand.
  • Travertine - A sedimentary rock that is formed by the precipitation of minerals. It has recognizable characteristics and often comes in shades of tan and/or cream colors. Travertine fillers are often part of the care routine.
  • Limestone - Another sedimentary rock composed of minerals and makes up about 10% of the total volume of all sedimentary rock and has many uses including building.
  • Quartz - The second most abundant mineral in the earth's crust. It comes in many varieties, some of which are semi-precious gemstones.
  • Concrete - You may not think of concrete as a stone, but it is composed of many of the same ingredients as natural stone. In fact, there are concrete products that are called pave stones and concrete benefits from care techniques that stem from natural stone care.
  • Quartzite - This material is a natural stone that is formed through the metamorphic process acting on sandstone and transforming that material into this new stone called quartzite.

All of the above man made and natural stones have distinct characteristics and various materials are related to one another in ways that cause them to be cared for similarly in some cases. For example granite is composed of quartz and feldspar, so the care routine for granite and quartz will be similar in some ways.

There are some basic similarities that every natural stone shares. For example, virtually all natural stone should be sealed (although a couple of them do not). It is true that some are naturally resistant to stains or absorption because of the degree of porosity. However, virtually all natural stone has pores and should be sealed to protect your investment from water based and oil based stains. Having a beautiful marble vanity and not sealing it would be like buying a Maserati and leaving it parked outside uncovered instead of in a garage.