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Marble Stone Care

Marble Cleaning, Polishing and Removing Discoloration

There are many facets to caring for your marble stone that include commonalities with other stones like granite and quartz. However marble has special needs that are not required of those types of stone. To simplify the shopping experience, we have created a separate list of products that applies only quartz based natural stones. If you have granite, quartz or another related stone, please look into our granite and quartz stone care products.

Whether it is a marble countertop or a marble floor or even a marble sculpture that you treasure, Lustro Italiano has a full line of marble care products that are formulated to help you protect the marble surfaces in your home. Let's consider some specific scenarios in which your marble can benefit from our products.

Sealants and Stain Removal

Virtually all natural should be sealed with a premium grade sealant to protect the pores from water based and oil based liquids that can penetrate and discolor marble. Marble is also susceptible to etching from acidic liquids. SO etch removal is important as well. Other substances like rust require specific methods of removal that force you to etch the stone in order to remove the stain. Therefore, products are needed for marble stain removal, etch repair, and sealing that will protect your marble from future oil and water based stains.

It is easy to see why sealing your stone is a wise step to take to protect against water and oil based stains. But sealants do not last forever. In fact, you should reseal the stone periodically, depending on the absorbancy. In the event that your stone has suffered a spill that has resulted in a stain or an etch, the following product list helps you find the product(s) needed to fix the problem.

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1 Quart Ager Color Enhancing Sealer 1 Quart Color Enhancing Sealer

Bringing out the deep
rich color of your natural stone and restore the deep luster that is hiding in the stone due to normal aging of  the material.

Our Price: $75.00

Stone Color Enhancing Sealer 250 ML Color Enhancing Sealer

Ager color enhancer for bringing out the original deep
rich color and and luster that your marble or granite stone originally had.

Our Price: $29.90

Tenax Brio Action Professional Stain Remover 1 Liter Brio Action Professional Stain Remover

Brio Action biodegradable professional stain remover for natural stone and other hard surfaces with easy clean up.

Our Price: $24.99
Mold Remover For Terra Cotta or Ceramics Brio Action Mold Remover

Brio Action biodegradable mold remover for many materials like natural marble, concrete, terra cotta, and granite surfaces with easy clean up.

Our Price: $24.99
Stain Remover for Terra Cotta and Ceramic Tiles Brio Action Strong Stain Remover

Brio Action biodegradable stubborn stain remover for many materials like natural marble, concrete, terra cotta, and granite surfaces with easy clean up.

Our Price: $24.99

Etch Remover, Dull Spots on Marble, Etch Mark Remover Etch and Water Mark Remover

Polishes and restores dull etch marks and removes water rings or water marks from marble travertine, limestone and other porous stones.

Our Price: $19.50

Poultice Powder for Removing Rust Rust Remover Powder

Rust remover powder removes rust stains from various types of natural stone. Use in conjunction with etch remover and sealer.

Our Price: $18.99

Stain Removing Poultice Powder Stain Remover Powder

Removes oil, wine, tea, coffee and other household organic stains from granite, marble, travertine and limestone via a stain lifting poultice powder.

Our Price: $17.99

Premium Grade Sealer Ultra Premium Stone Sealer

If your kitchen countertop hasn't been sealed within the last year or you aren't sure, then apply a premium grade stone sealer to protect your investment.

Our Price: $17.98

Stone Polish & Sealer Stone Polish and Sealer

Aerosol premium quality polish includes sealer that provides additional protection against stains and brings out brilliant colors in the stone.

Our Price: $16.99

32 Ounce Cleaner For Natural Stone Stone Cleaner 32 oz.

Streak free stone cleaner removes film from stone and other hard surfaces.

Our Price: $13.99

16 Ounce Stone Cleaner Stone Cleaner 16 oz.

Removes film from stone and other hard surfaces while leaving stone streak free.

Our Price: $9.90

Protecting for Marble from Stains

Recommended Care Program

To sufficiently protect your marble from water based and oil based stains we recommend the following:

Apply a premium marble sealant to the surface of your marble according to the directions on the label. This will form a resistance to foreign and unwanted water based and oil based substances getting into the pores of the stone and creating the discolored spots that we have been discussing.

Once you have properly sealed your marble, use a PH neutral marble cleaner. Improperly balanced cleaning liquids will breakdown the protective barrier that you worked so hard to apply with the sealant. By using a proper cleaner, you will get the longest wear from the sealant you have protected your marble with.

In addition to the proper cleaner, we recommend our marble polish which contains a sealant. By using this for polishing your marble once or twice a month you will be maintaining the brilliant shine that marble is known for and gently resealing your marble regularly.