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Two Benefits of Stone Care Kits

If you have experience caring for natural stone, then you know that taking care of your beautiful granite or marble countertop is as easy as you make it. For newcomers though, it is perhaps more complicated. Those that have only recently begun enjoying their natural stone counters may feel intimidated by the thought of what to use and what not to use on their new investment. In these, and other cases, stone care kits can make it easy. Let's take a look at two advantages to using stone care kits instead of buying items individually.

Stone Care Kits Have Purpose

All products are designed to perform some specific task. Some products will work better than others, the prices will vary and sometimes there will be no difference at all. These variances can be appealing because it allows you to choose the product you feel is the best. Yet, considering a kit may be more effective - because stone care kits have purpose.

Every kit is specifically constructed with a goal in mind. For example, a rust remover kit has the purpose of removing rust stains from specific kinds of stone but not others. Additionally, fixing a rust stain requires more than just getting the stain out. Because of how the stain gets removed, your stone will have a dull spot on it once the rust stain is gone. So rust remover, does not accomplish the purpose of "fixing" the rust stain. It completes part of the process but the purpose won't be realized until the entire process is accomplished. That's where a stone care kit has an advantage.

Since the stone care kit is designed to accomplish the purpose of "fixing" the rust stain, it makes it easy to correct the problem without having to wade through the descriptions of multiple products trying to figure out what exactly will be needed to fix a specific problem. In our example of the rust stain. Fixing the problem will take a rust remover and, if the stone contains calcite (marble, travertine, limestone, etc.), it will need to be treated with etch remover to remove the dull spot that removing the rust will cause. Then, to protect the stone from future staining, you will want to seal the stone with a premium sealer. so it won't be as receptive to stains. Stones like granite and quartz will require different steps.

Choosing a stone care kit designed to correct a specific issue, simplifies the selection process and identifies the its purpose. This is an advantage over selecting and purchasing each product individually.

Products Designed to Work Together

The second advantage of using stone care kits is that these kits are configured with products that are compatible with one another. To extend our example of the rust remover kit. We'll look at the cleaner, polish, and sealer.

Once you have resealed the stone, it would be reasonable to think that the stone will not stain. However, cleaners that are commonly used for kitchens will break down the sealer that you treated the stone with after removing the rust stain. Clearly then, which cleaner you use on the stone after the sealing is done makes a difference.

Because compatibility is needed between the cleaner and the sealer in this scenario, choosing a stone care kit is an advantage because the cleaner will not harm the sealer. To take it one step further, periodically using the polish included with the kit will replenish the seal and help to further protect the stone from staining.

Form what we have discussed, stone care kits have clear advantages. We only discussed two, but there are more. So in the future give consideration to what you want to accomplish (the purpose) and think about how the products need to compliment each other when deciding on a stone care solution. You may find that selecting a stone care kit might make your choice easier and make your solution more effective.