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Marble Rust Remover & Restoration Kit
Kit For Rust or Etch Removal On Marble

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Choosing the right kit for rust stains on your marble is the key to successful removal of both the etching and the rust. Select this kit if you have a rust stain or an etch on your marble surface.

Our Price: $84.83
For Use On: Marble, Limestone, Travertine
Removes: Rust, Etching


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The video above features the etch remover included with this stone care kit.

Removing Rust From Your Marble Counter

One of the most pesky stains to remove from marble is rust. They can occur on marble surfaces easily because it only takes two everyday substance to cause a rust stain. Those two substances are metal and water. When they occupy the same space, they will react and rust forms. If this reaction happens on a marble surface that is not sealed - or not sealed well - the marble can absorb the rust into its pores and this will leave a rust stain on the marble surface. While marble is not the only natural stone that can be stained by rust, it is a little more 'touchy' than granite or other quartz based stones.

What Stains Can This Kit Help With?

Removing rust stains from marble is different from removing rust stains from other stones (like granite) because of the stone's composition. It needs the additional step of removing the etch that is caused by the rust remover. As a result, an etch remover is needed. This kit removes, not only rust stains but also etch marks or water stains. Since the kit includes etch remover, the etch remover can be used on its own without the rust remover to eliminate etching that occur on marble surfaces from acidic household liquids like citrus juice or vinegar.

WARNING: Lustro Italiano Stone Sealer does not provide anti-etch protection on marble surfaces. Use of acidic substances such as wine, tomato, citrus, coffee, etc. will etch the surface by creating a chemical reaction with the calcium carbonate present in marbles. For etching problems please use Etch Remover.
  • Stone Cleaner
  • Rust Remover Powder
  • Etch Remover Powder
  • Premium Stone Sealer
  • Stone Polish Spray

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