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Marble Rust & Etch Remover Maintenance Kit
Kit For Rust Removal And Maintaining Marble Surfaces

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Choosing the right kit for stains on your marble surfaces is the key to successfully removing the stain. Select this kit to remove rust stains. Since rust stains require etch remover, you will also have what you need to remove etching should your marble get etched from citrus or another acidic household food or liquid.

Our Price: $67.39
For Use On: Mrble, Limestone, Travertine
Removes: Rust, Etching


Product Details SDS How to Use

The video above features the etch remover included with this stone care kit.

Removing Rust From Marble Surfaces

Rust stains on marble are very similar to stained etches. However, they are not exactly the same. Removing rust from your marble counter requires a poultice designed to draw the rust out. The process is much like using a poultice to remove a stain, you just use a poultice that is composed of different substances. This kit is constructed to help you remove rust that has built up on the surface of your marble stone.

What Stains Can This Product Help With?

This kit is meant to be used on discolorations that have been caused by metal and water making contact on your marble surface and resulting in a rust stain that hinders the natural beauty of your marble. The longer the marble has been exposed to the metal/water reaction, the deeper the stain will be and the more work you will need to do to lift the rust from the marble. Situations where metal and water are constantly touching unsealed or untreated marble can be so severely stained that removing the stain is not the most practical solution. However, most rust stains can be lifted from your marble surfaces.

When a rust stain is removed from marble, it nearly always requires the application of an etch remover because the process for removing the rust etches the marble. Because of this, we have included the etch remover as part of this kit. By using the appropriate cleaning and polishing regimen, you will be protecting your marble from the nasty enemy, rust.

  • Stone Cleaner
  • Rust Remover Powder
  • Etch Remover Powder
  • Stone Polish Spray

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