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Care & Maintenance Kits for Natural Granite

Granite Stone Care Kits

Each of the following kits is designed to work on your granite surfaces. Each kit will contain the products to clean, maintain, reseal, or perform all of those tasks. Keeping your granite looking brilliant includes many factors. We have a variety of stone and granite kits to help you care for and maintain your granite countertop. Whether you need a kit designed to clean and maintain your granite or if you have a stain that needs removed, we have a kit that will help you clean, maintain and protect your granite countertop.

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Granite Cleaner and Polishing Kit Stone Cleaner & Polish Kit

Protect and maintain your surfaces with this kit containing stone cleaner and stone polishing products.

Our Price: $29.95

Stain Removal Kit For Natural Stone Surfaces Natural Stone Stain & Restore Kit

This treatment system is designed to only remove the stainand assumes you already have your premium sealer to reseal the stone for resistance to future stains.

Our Price: $47.49
Professional Granite Reseal Kit Professional Counter Top Reseal Kit

Get professional quality seal on your granite countertop in about 30 minutes without calling, scheduling, and waiting for the person to arrive. Seal it yourself in three simple steps.

Our Price: $48.96

Kit For Removing Stains From & Resealing Natural Stone Surfaces Natural Stone Stain Remover & Restoration Kit

This treatment system is designed to not only remove stains, but also adds resistance to future stains from common household liquids and foods.

Our Price: $64.95

Polishing Kits and Granite Stain Removal

Cleaning and Polishing Kits

Each of our granite kits includes the necessities. The stone cleaner is specially formulated for use on granite countertops. This is important because many common kitchen cleaners contain ingredients that will break down the sealer. The stone polish is designed to make your countertop shine and it contains a sealer keep your stone protected. These two products come in each of our granite and natural stone kits.

Stain Removal and Restoration

In addition to granite kits for cleaning and polishing your natural stone surfaces, our granite stain remover and resealer kits contain the Lustro Italiano products you need to get your granite or other stone surface back to an acceptable appearance when it has been stained by a spill or liquid. Kits with resealers will give your stone a premium seal that will protect your granite from future stains.