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Can I Use Quartz Ax Cleaner On My Quartz?

That is a very understandable question. In fact it is a great question to ask because a high number of quartz companies explicitly state in the use and care information that caution should be used when choosing a cleaner or a stain remover for your quartz surface.

Many, if not all, quartz companies include warnings against leaving liquids (even water) on quartz surfaces for a prolonged period of time. For example, allen + roth makes the following statement about its quartz surfaces:

"The effect of any chemical usage on allen + rothâ„¢ quartz surface countertops is ultimately dependent on the type of chemical, the length of exposure, and the degree of concentration." -

That statement sums it up nicely. It simply means that a number of things can cause discoloration of a quartz countertop including:

  • The pH Level of the Substance
  • How Long the Liquid Contacts the Surface
  • The Strength of the Substance

How to Use Quartz Ax Cleaner

Quartz Ax Cleaner is designed for cleaning stains on quartz surfaces. For daily cleaning and maintaining the streak free shine of your quartz countertop use Lustro Italiano Quartz Cleaner. However, there are times when a mild cleaning solution is not strong enough to remove a stain. Various quartz brands will recommend specific cleaners that you can use for removing stains on quartz. However, Quartz Ax Cleaner is packaged and formulated to give you a flexible, effective, and low cost solution for removing stains from quartz surfaces.

Quartz Ax Cleaner is designed to remove stains from quartz surfaces. It requires dilution so that it can be used at the proper strength for your situation. In fact, you can even use Quartz Ax Cleaner as a daily cleaning solution when you dilute it to 1:100 (1 part Quartz Ax Cleaner to 100 Parts tap water). The dilution should be performed with regular tap water. Distilled water is not recommended (especially on dark surfaces) since it may cause the stone to lose color.

The dilution ratios for various kinds of stains are listed on the Quartz Ax Cleaner product page. We recommend starting with the mildest solution first and thoroughly rinsing the surface with clean water after the stain is removed and then completely drying the surface.

Additionally, use caution if using a strong solution. In virtually all cases, there is no need to use Quartz Ax Cleaner undiluted. So, we do not recommend it. In fact, a maximum strength of 1:5 is what we suggest. However, if you do happen to use it pure for removing lime scale, be sure to rinse the surface completely and thoroughly so that the surface is not damaged. And always dry your surface completely after cleaning.

A Cost Effective Quartz Stain Remover

Since Quartz Ax Cleaner is designed to be diluted when used and it is not meant to be used straight from the container. We do not recommend dilution stronger than 1:5. So, for use as a stain remover, Quartz Ax Cleaner can be mixed with tap water at the 1:5 ratio (1 part Quartz Ax Cleaner; 5 parts tap water) or one of the milder mixes listed below.

Additionally, it can be mixed at the 1:100 ratio and used as a daily cleaner. Used at the 1:100 ratio, one bottle could produce over 26 US gallons of daily cleaner. Let's take a brief look at the value when Quartz Ax Cleaner is used at various strengths.

Quartz Stain Removers Compared

Comparing the value of various stain removers is like comparing one type of fruit to another. Let's compare Quartz Ax Cleaner's value to a well known cleaner that removes stains from quartz surfaces:

Product Volume Stain Remover Yield Unit Price Cost Per Ounce
Popular Cleaner
Pre-mixed 26 oz. 26 oz. $4.95 $0.19

Quartz Ax Cleaner
Product Volume Stain Remover Yield Unit Price Cost Per Ounce
1:5 (Strong Stain Remover) 1 Liter 1.32 Gal (169 oz.) $11.99 $0.07
1:10 (Stain Remover) 1 Liter 2.64 Gal (338 oz.) $11.99 $0.035
1:25 (Stain Remover) 1 Liter 6.87 Gal (879 oz.) $11.99 $0.014
1:50 (Stain Remover) 1 Liter 13.21 Gal (1,725 oz.) $11.99 $0.007
1:100 (Daily Cleaner) 1 Liter 26.68 Gal (3,415 oz.) $11.99 $0.0035

Controlled Strength

Since not all stains are equal, there may be times when you will want or need a stronger stain remover. Using Quartz Ax Cleaner, you can dilute to the necessary strength for tougher stains. With other quartz stain removers, this is not an option.

As you can see, a comparison of Quartz Ax Cleaner to another effective cleaner used for quartz surfaces shows that the cost is much lower per yielded ounce of cleaner. Additionally, QAC can be mixed to a stronger strength than pre-mixed cleaners for quartz.

In the end, mixing your own cleaning solution to your preferred strength may take a bit of know how, but it gives you a great of deal flexibility and value.