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Question About Sealer for Honed (Matte) Marble

I've heard wonderful things about your products and am looking for guidance on exactly what product to purchase.

We have newly installed honed Carrara marble countertops. I'm looking for something that repels water and oil and can help prevent staining. A blog about countertops directed me to use ProSeal. However, it looks like that is for Polished granite and other stone.

Do you have anything that will keep the matte/honed look of the countertop while sealing it? Or do all of your water/oil sealers add a glossy sheen? Thanks in advance for your help!


Answer from Lustro Italiano

Hi Jacqueline,

Proseal is an outstanding choice for your honed carrara marble. It will work perfect for the honed finish. Your honed marble will absorb more than polished. So I would recommend at least 2 applications of Proseal at least 6 hours apart.

Apply the proseal liberally on the surface. Let it "sit" on the stone for 5 minutes. If it absorbs it all, apply more until it is standing on the surface. Then completely wipe off all the sealer off the surface. Let it dry for at least 6 hours to overnight. Then reapply the same way again. This will create a very nice seal on the marble. I hope this helps.