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Simple Kitchen Upgrades You Can Do Yourself

Simple Kitchen Upgrades You Can Do Yourself

Everybody likes a change now and then, especially homeowners. Home buyers almost always feel the need to update. Additionally, owners that have lived in the same home eventually desire changes. If either of those describe you but you don't want to invest in a full remodel all at once, here are a few simple kitchen upgrades you can do yourself - or at least without a complete remodel.

Simple Hardware Upgrades You Can Do

Update or Add Hardware

First up on our list of simple do-it-yourself kitchen upgrades is updating hardware. Now when we say 'hardware', we are talking about a variety of kitchen fixtures. For example, changing or adding door knobs and handles on drawers or cabinet doors only requires a bit of drilling and a screwdriver. But cabinets are not the only place on which you can focus your attention. Changing out a sink faucets and doorknobs also can be done relatively easily. Finally, adding some crown molding can elevate the environment too. So, adding hardware is a simple upgrade for the DIY'er.

Simple Kitchen Paint Upgrade

A Touch of Paint

Paint can transform a kitchen into a nearly new presentation. Whether you are applying the paint to the walls or the cabinetry, this simple kitchen upgrade can be done easily and relatively inexpensively. All you will need is the proper equipment, which is not too costly, the paint, and the time and patience to get the project completed. Here are some tools you may need depending on what kind of surface you are painting:

  • Paint
  • Small Brush
  • Sandpaper (if you are smoothing walls or removing finish from cabinets)
  • Pan
  • Small Roller
Simple Kitchen Lighting Upgrade

Add or Replace Lighting

This simple kitchen upgrade could have been included in the hardware segment of this post as well. Lighting makes a tremendous impact on the ambience of a room. You can change out fixtures that are outdated or old with newer fixtures or ones that compliment you design taste. But new light fixtures such as chandeliers and recessed lighting are not the only kind of lighting that impact the area.

Adding LED lighting under the cabinet can work wonders to a kitchen. Yet as big of an impact under cabinet lighting adds, it is pretty simple to install LED style lighting that is low voltage and is "do-it-yourselfer friendly".

Simple Kitchen Accessories Upgrade

Add Various Accessories

For the next category of simple kitchen upgrades you can do yourself involves accessorizing. This can be done in a number of ways. Adding a simple piece of funiture like a bakers rack or a freestanding butcher block to your existing kitchen can upgrade it will relatively little effort. And don' forget the impact that some small appliances can add. Accentuating the space with decorative small appliances is one way to upgrade with little cost.

Simple Backsplash Surface Upgrade

Update Flooring, Backsplash, or Countertops

The last item in our list of simple DIY kitchen upgrades is really three-in-one. Updating flooring, backsplashes, or countertops might not be considered simple for some people. In fact, at first thought these may sound like major projects, yet upgrading surfaces in your kitchen does not have to be extremely complicated. True, it can be complicated - but it doesn't have to be.

With the invent of floating, lockable laminates, flooring can be updated by anyone that can follow simple instructions. Even if you cannot perform these surface upgrades yourself, they can be done by as smaller projects that do not require a full remodel. And changing out surfaces in your home can make a big difference in the way your kitchen looks and feels.

So in conclusion, whether you decide that one of these simple upgrade techniques is for you or you choose to implement more than one, bringing your kitchen up-to-date can be accomplished on a budget if you just get a bit creative.

Caring For Stone In Your Upgraded Kitchen

If your kitchen upgrade makes use of stone - whether engineered stone like quartz or natural stone such as marble or granite - you will find a range of products to keep your rustic design looking its best. Here are some Lustro Italiano products that are popular for a variety of uses:

  • Natural Stone
    • Natural Stone Cleaner - for daily cleaning of your natural stone surfaces. Leaves a streak-free clean shine on your natural stone surface.
    • Stone Polish for Natural Stone - keeps your natural stone polished surface looking its best with rugular periodic use.
    • Stain Remover Powder - poultice powder for removing oil-based stains on natural stone surfaces.
    • Rust Remover Powder - removes rust stains on the surface of your natural stone surfaces.
    • Etch Remover - removes etching from natural stone containing calcite such as:
      • Marble
      • Limestone
      • Travertine
      • Stone Incorrectly Labeled as "Quartzite" Although, genuine quartzite does not contain calcite.
  • Engineered Stone
    • Quartz Stone Cleaner - streak-free everyday cleaner for quartz engineered stone surfaces.
    • Quartz Ax Cleaner - lime scale remover and stain remover designed for quartz surfaces but can also be used on porcelain, ceramic and sintered stone surfaces when used according to the manufacturer's guidelines.
    • Booster - alkaline detergent for removing certain kinds of stains from porcelain, ceramic, and sintered stone surfaces.

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Premium Grade Sealer Ultra Premium Stone Sealer

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Protect and maintain your surfaces with this kit containing stone cleaner and stone polishing products.

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This treatment system is designed to not only remove stains, but also adds resistance to future stains from common household liquids and foods.

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