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Polishing Quartzite Stone

It is a practice that is performed on a variety of materials. It is not required as a daily practice, but it is a task that, when regularly performed, improves the appearance of your quartzite countertop. Why is polishing quartzite stone countertops and other surfaces beneficial? And how often does it need to be done? Let's look now at the answers to these two questions.

Benefits of Polishing Natural Quartzite Surfaces

It is true that there are differing approaches to maintaining natural quartzite surfaces. However, not every approach yields the same results. When it comes to polishing quartzite surfaces, you may read about or hear of various viewpoints regarding the polishing of quartzite surfaces. And many of them may be accurate since there are several ways to polish natural stone. The method we are speaking of here is the one that involves the least effort, expense, tools, and time to perform: using a fortified stone polish.

So what are the benefits of keeping natural quartzite surfaces polished? One of the benefits that appeals to many is the way the stone looks. Particularly for quartzite that has a polished finish in the first place, adding a stone polish via a pump sprayer or aerosol spray amplifies the shine that is intended.

Another benefit to polishing natural quartzite is that it keeps the surface smooth and slick. That may not sound like a big deal at first but think about what that means. Dust and other particulates do not stick to the surface as easily. Particles on the surface of natural stone, including quartzite are what make them appear dull and less shiny or glossy. By reducing the amount of these very small particles, you in effect, increase the gloss. Be careful though, do not use this kind of polish on floors or other walking surfaces made of quartzite (or any other natural stone for that matter). It truly does make the surface slick and using these kinds of polish on floors presents a safety hazard.

What Is Involved

As we mentioned above, using a fortified stone polish on natural quartzite is very easy. So, what is involved in polishing natural quartzite using stone polish? Well, many spray on stone polishes are very simple to use. Just take the container and spray them on and according to the directions provided with the product, wipe the surface. That's it! Not difficult at all. That is so easy, it could be done very often. But, as we will see next, this is not something you will need to do many times.

How Often Does Natural Quartzite Need to Be Polished?

As we said above, polishing natural quartzite need not be done all the time. However, when fortified quartzite stone polish is incorporated into your stone care and maintenance routine, the whole routine gets better results.

There is no specific frequency for you to apply stone polish to your quartzite surfaces. Some experts recommend weekly application. We, as a general rule, recommend applying stone polish fortified with a sealer (like Lustro Italiano's is) about once or twice a month.

As we have discussed here, using a fortified stone polish in your stone care and maintenance routine offers an important aspect of keeping your quartzite countertop looking great. It doesn't take a long time or a lot of effort to implement this branch of stone care and the benefits are noticeable to say the least. So, even though using stone polish is not a requirement, it certainly is something from which to benefit.

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