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How Do I Remove Scratches or Stains From Wall Mounted Marble Wall Tile?
Last Updated: 12/05/2016

We always recommend you take a photo of the tiles in question and contact us through the website so we can have a technician assist you with you specific situation. This is because scratches vary in depth , size, and severity. Additionally, these factors will determine how the scratches should be corrected. Here are some general things to keep in mind.

Light scratches can be repaired many times with our Etch Remover, but deeper scratches may require more aggressive polishing pads or grits. Also, if the stone is stained in addition to the scratch? If so, the stain should always be repaired first, and then the etching/scratches repaired after that.

If you are wondering whether the treatment differs for a wall tile verses a floor tile, i does not. The methods are the same for both. The only difference in treatment methods that you may want to try is to dry the etch remover a slight bit to make it a little thicker and help prevent from running down the wall. The chemicals in the etch remover would need to be cleaned as soon as possible from running down the wall to prevent any further damage occurring on the lower tiles.

If you would like some help with a specific situation, we are happy to help. Just take some photos that really show the problem area well and email them to us so we can have a technician look at your specific problem and best advise you on how to correct the problem.

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