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Marble Stain & Etch Remover Kit
Kit For Stain & Etch Removal On Marble Surfaces

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Choosing the right kit for stained etching on your marble surfaces is the key to successful removal of both the etching and the stain. Select this kit to remove stains left from common household stains like foods, liquids and other substances. Check out our kit for removing rust stains from marble or our marble rust removal kit to fight rust stains.

Our Price: $66.49
For Use On: Marble, Limestone, Travertine


Product Details SDS How to Use

The video above features the etch remover included with this stone care kit.

Removing Stained Etches From Marble Surfaces

As you are probably aware, marble surfaces sometimes etch when they come in contact with acidic liquids or foods. However, not all etches are the same. Some etching can also stain the marble. If the liquid that penetrates the marble stone has color, it can both stain and etch your marble, thus creating two separate problems requiring two separate techniques for getting your marble surface back to it's beatiful appearance. This kit assumes that you have a premium sealer to restore the protective barrier that your marble depends on to be stain resistant. It includes only the products that you need to remove the stain and the etch from your marble countertop, marble bathroom vanity, or other marble surfaces in your home requiring treatment.

What Stains Can This Product Help With?

This kit is meant to be used on discolorations that contain an acid and that also leave a stain because of the color of the liquid. These substances are common in many homes. For example, an artifically colored soft drink contains both acid and coloring. This type of liquid can both stain and etch your marble surface. This kit was designed specifically for these kinds of discolorations.

For Rust Removal, We Recommend A Kit Designed to Remove Rust

Because rust stains are not the same as the stains mentioned above, they will require a different poultice for treating them to counteract the effects of the rust on the marble. To remove a rust stain from marble, we recommend using one of the following stone solutions from our site:

Marble Specific Rust Removal

Removing rust stains from marble is different from removing rust stains from granite because of the stone's composition. Marble is composed of calcite and is sensitive to acidic substances. Therefore, we do not recommend that you just use any rust removal kit to remove rust. We have specific kits that are configured for removing rust stains on marble surfaces.

  • Stone Cleaner
  • Stain Remover Powder
  • Etch Remover Powder
  • Stone Polish Spray

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