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DEKTON Ultra Compact Surfaces

DEKTON Ultra Compact Surfaces

There several unique materials on the market today that are being used for residential and business counters and work surfaces. These materials come in a variety of formulas and are being produced to mimic natural stone more and more each year. One such high quality, durable surface is DEKTON. This material is normally classified with sintered stone and can be cleaned with a variety of cleaners; depending on the type of stain that you are trying to remove. This page will briefly consider some of the guidelines for cleaning and removing stains from DEKTON surfaces.

What is DEKTON?

According to Cosentino's DEKTON website, the material is described as:

"DEKTON is a sophisticated blend of the raw materials used to produce the very latest in glass and porcelain as well as the highest quality quartz work surfaces."

Another way of describing this material is by using the term "sintered stone". Sintered stone is a material that offers very specific characteristics that make it unique from many other solid stone materials that are available. Here are some characteristics that mark sintered stone:

  • It is highly heat-resistant.
  • Can be cleaned with acids, alkaline detergents, oxidizers, and solvents.
  • It is UV-stable.
  • High tensile strength.

What Do You Clean DEKTON With?

As mentioned above, sintered stone surfaces offer distinguishing characteristics. One of the main features of sintered stone, including DEKTON, is that it can be cleaned with a variety of cleaners. From acidic cleaners to alkaline detergents. Even oxidizers and solvents can be used to remove specific types of stains from DEKTON. SO, the first step to removing stains from sintered stone is to determine what the stain was caused from. After you know the cause, you can treat accordingly. Below is a table of the various stains and what to use to treat them.

DEKTON kitchen worktops can be treated with different cleaning agents depending on the kind of stain that you are dealing with. The following table is the recommendation from Cosentino:

Stain Cleaning Product
Grease & Oil Alkaline detergent / Solvent
Ink Solvent
Rust Acid
Limescale Acid
Wine Alkaline Detergent / Acid
Tire Rubber Solvent
Ice Cream Alkaline Detergent
Resin / Nail Varnish Solvent
Coffee Alkaline Detergent / Acid
Candle Wax Solvent
Asphalt Solvent
Residual Cement Acid
Gesso Acid
Epoxy Adhesive & Grouting Solvent
Cola Oxidant
Fruit juices Oxidant
Tar Solvent
Nicotine Solvent / Oxidant
Acid cleaning products can include any of the low pH or descaling agent etc. Alkaline products include basic agents, ammonia etc. Solvents can include products such as universal solvent, turpentine (white spirit), acetone, alcohol etc. Oxidants include products such as hydrogen peroxide and diluted bleach.

Lustro Italiano Cleaners & Stain Removers

Lustro Italiano offers a variety of stain removers and cleaners for maintaining a range of natural and engineered stone surfaces. In fact, nearly all of the cleaner types mentioned in the above table are available from this website. Many of the most common stains are treatable with following Lustro Italiano products:

  • Daily Cleaners
    • Stone Cleaner - DEKTON accepts a wide range of cleaners and therefore can be cleaned with Lustro Italiano stone cleaner.
    • Quartz Cleaner - Even though DEKTON is not technically "quartz" per se, you can clean it with quartz cleaner.
  • Rust Removers
    • Lustro Rust Remover - Designed to remove rust stains from natural stone and other surfaces, this rust remover may be thing needed if you have surface rust.
    • Rust Remover Liquid - Some rust stains are more resistant to cleaning, some customers ave reported success mixing this liquid with the powder mentioned above.
    • Quartz Ax Cleaner - As an acidic cleaner, this stain remover can be used to remove stains caused by substances marked as responding to acid in the table above.
  • Stain Removers
    • Lustro Stain Remover - This stain remover is formulated to counteract oil and greasy type stains that can occur on various stones.
    • Booster - For tougher stains that require an alkaline stain remover, Booster is the one to reach for.
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