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GEOS Recycled Glass

GEOS is a new concept in residential surfaces. GEOS is a product designed for those that are environmentally conscious and love the look of visually striking surfaces. GEOS Recycled Glass surfaces blend durability, beauty and recycling into a unique kitchen surface designed to withstand normal household use for years.

GEOS offers a 15 year warranty against defects in the material. Additionally, there are a number of colors available in GEOS. SOme of the colors include:

  • Asheville
  • Amber Coast
  • aspen
  • Auckland
  • Avalon
  • Coffee Kona
  • Fairfax
  • Kona
  • Lake Shell
  • Marina
  • Marina Black
  • Ocean Shell
  • St. Lawrence
  • Red Rocks
  • White Birch
  • Wheat
  • Juneau
  • Rincon
  • Cirrus

As you can see from the above color list, GEOS Recycled Glass has a number of colors that you might choose for your home. However, before you begin using your new GEOS Recycled Glass counter, be sure that you have the appropriate cleaning supplies to care for your GEOS REcycled Glass countertop.

Regular Care & Cleaning

Like most engineered surfaces, GEOS Recycled Glass is hard and scratch resistant. Additionally, it is stain-resistant but not stain proof. This means that you need to care for GEOS Recycled Glass surfaces according to the guidelines provided by GEOS. GEOS Recycled Glass makes the following statement on their website:

"GEOS Recycled Glass Surfaces are easy to maintain and keep clean. For daily care and maintenance we recommend wiping the surface with a damp cloth or a mild cleaner... ...GEOS Recycled Glass Surfaces are non-porous so there is no need to seal or wax your tops. We do recommend however that spills be wiped up as soon as possible. Spills and direct contact with products containing citric acid (such as lemons) if left for a prolonged period may cause damage to our products containing natural sea shells."

As you can see from the above statement, care is needed when selecting cleaning products and treatments that you use to care for your GEOS Recycled Glass. Cleaning with the improper cleaners or using certain chemicals on engineered surfaces can make it take on a dull look. If this happens, you can use a quartz polish for restoring luster to your GEOS surface.

There are a variety of spills that can affect your GEOS Recycled Glass surface. Lustro Italiano has multiple products to help you with cleaning your surfaces. For day-to-day cleaning and maintenance, stain removal, and polishing of engineered surfaces, Lustro Italiano provides a line of products designed for engineered materials.

Lustro Italiano Care & Cleaning Products

If you have been looking for a cleaner that is formulated for engineered surfaces, you'll want to try Lustro Italiano quartz care and engineered stone products. Here is some information about our engineered surface cleaning product line:

Quartz Counter in Kitchen
Quartz kitchen surface.

For day-to-day cleaning and maintenance, stain removal, and polishing of engineered surfaces, Lustro Italiano provides a line of engineered surface care and maintenance products.

Lustro Italiano has offered natural stone care products for years. Now however, Lustro Italiano provides a line of products to care for engineered surfaces in your home. You can find our cleaning products for engineered stone on this website. We have also written an article that talks about the importance of understanding how to clean recycled glass countertops. That article discusses caring for engineered stone surfaces. However, most of the information in that articel is transferrable to GEOS. The only known exception would be that you would want to use extreme caution using acidic cleaners on GEOS surfaces that contain seashells. This is because the acid can affect the shells.

* We recommend testing all cleaners in an inconspicuous area before using.

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