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Cosmos Quartz

Cosmos Quartz is a provider of artificial quartz stone products that can be used for countertops, worktops, and tiles. Cosmos Quartz designs products for use in residential countertops. Since quartz is one of nature's hardest minerals, Cosmos Quartz surfaces are durable stone surfaces for use in your home. What is this stone surface made of? Let's take a look.

Cosmos Quartz surfaces are composed of quartz along with polymer resins, additives and coloring pigments to create surfaces that allow for a variety of colors to coordinate with your home's design.

Cosmos Quartz offers quite a range of surfaces from which to choose including:

  • Heirloom Grey
  • White Zen
  • Dove Grey
  • Toffee
  • e Beach
  • Sundance
  • Espresso
  • Midnight Black
  • Arena
  • White Lace
  • Stary Night
  • Namaste
  • Miele
  • Linen
  • Summer Rain
  • Cobblestone
  • Silver Water
  • Madison Black
  • Galatia
  • Cinder
  • Roxy
  • Hotch
  • Tropic Storm
  • Caramel Lux
  • Silver Mountain
  • Marbella
  • Aspen
  • Thunder Road
  • Aurum Ivory
  • Tropical White
  • Matterhorn

Cosmos Quartz Care and Maintenance

Since quartz is a non-porous material, it is stain resistant. And even though it resists stains, it is not stain-proof. This means that it must be cared for according to the care instructions provided by the company. What is the approved way of caring for quartz? Without covering an exhaustive list of care and maintenance rules, There are some basic directions given by quartz companies in the care & maintenance guide. One of the guidelines is:

Removing Water Stains

Quartz occasionally gets water stains from lime build up that is left behind when water evaporates from the surface of the stone. These kinds of stains can be remedied with the use of a non-abrasive cleaner designed for cleaning the lime stain. It is imprtant to rinse the surface thoroughly after using a stain remover. Leaving cleaners on a quartz surface with rinsing them completely way can cause your quartz to develop a hazey appearance.

Regular Care & Cleaning

Like most quartz surfaces, Cosmos Quartz is stain-resistant but not stain proof. This means that you need to care for Cosmos Quartz surfaces according to the guidelines provided by the producers of the material. There are a variety of spills that can affect your Cosmos Quartz surface. Lustro Italiano has multiple products to help you with cleaning your surfaces.

For day-to-day cleaning and maintenance, stain removal, and polishing of quartz surfaces, Lustro Italiano provides a line of products designed for quartz materials.

Lustro Italiano Quartz Care Products

If you have been looking for a cleaner that is formlated for quartz surfaces, you might want to try Lustro Italiano. Here is some information about our products:

Quartz Counter in Kitchen
Quartz kitchen countertop.

For day-to-day cleaning and maintenance, stain removal, and polishing of quartz surfaces, Lustro Italiano provides a line of products designed for quartz materials.

Lustro Italiano has offered natural stone care products for years. Now, Lustro Italiano provides a line of products to care for your quartz surfaces. You can find our quartz cleaning and care products on this website. We have also written an article that discusses the importance of understanding quartz countertop care and cleaning. Thank you for visiting our website.

* We recommend testing all quartz cleaners in an inconspicuous area before using.

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Best Quartz Cleaner Quartz Cleaner 16 oz.

Streak free quartz cleaner removes film from Cambria, Silestone, Caesarstone and other quartz.

Our Price: $9.90

Quartz Water Stain Remover Quartz Stain Remover

Clean your quartz surfaces with this Cleaner designed to remove water spots from quartz countertops and clean dirt, or lime deposits from quartz material.

Our Price: $11.99

Best Quartz Stain Remover Spray Bravo! Quartz Stain Fighter Spray

Colored stains on quartz surfaces are often times a bit more stubborn than the average everyday spills and messes. This stain removing spray is designed to lift these stains from quartz.

Our Price: $14.95

Cleaning & Polishing Kit for Quartz Surfaces Quartz Cleaner & Polish Enchancer Set

Our quartz cleaner is the best quartz cleaner for your quartz's finish. It contains zero harsh detergents that can strip away a quartz's natural polish.

Our Price: $37.95