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ColorQuartz is designed in California for worldwide use.

ColorQuartz designs products for use in the kitchens as countertops and in bathrooms as vanities.

Colorquartz seeks to become a global leader in providing high quality surfaces for an array of customers. It is not only beautiful, but also practical and long lasting as well.

ColorQuartz offers an array of collections from which to choose including:

  • New Contempo
  • Statuario Leonardo
  • Calacatta Novus
  • Statuario Venato
  • Frost White
  • Glacier
  • Pearl
  • Arctic Shimmer
  • Cotton White
  • Paloma White
  • Mammoth
  • Iceland
  • Bianco Gioia
  • Fiji White
  • Venatino
  • Blanc De Blancs
  • Carrara Xtra
  • Bianco Cristal
  • Spyder
  • Arabascato
  • Bianco Luna
  • Breccia Bianco
  • Siberian White
  • Akoya Pearl
  • Oyster Shell
  • Tal Mahal
  • Myst
  • Cafe Au Lait
  • Bel Air Beige
  • Softer Beige
  • Classico Marfil
  • Tuscany Cream
  • Vanilla Cream
  • Desert Sand
  • Paradise Cove
  • Calypso Brown
  • Capri
  • Milan Grey
  • Bronze
  • Sake
  • Emperor
  • Storm
  • Cool Concrete
  • Concrete Grey
  • Spectre Grey
  • Graphite
  • Pewter
  • Moon Rock
  • Gold Rush
  • Diablo
  • Star Wars
  • Zen Black

Regular Care & Cleaning

Like most quartz surfaces, ColorQuartz is stain-resistant but not stain proof. This means that caring for an ColorQuartz quartz surface according to the guidelines provided by the producers of the material. There are a variety of spills that can affect your quartz surface. Lustro Italiano has multiple products to help you with cleaning your surfaces.

Lustro Italiano Quartz Care Products

Quartz Counter in Kitchen
Quartz kitchen countertop.

For day-to-day cleaning and maintenance, stain removal, and polishing of quartz surfaces, Lustro Italiano provides a line of products designed for quartz materials.

Lustro Italiano has offered natural stone care products for years. Now, Lustro Italiano provides a line of products to care for your quartz surfaces. You can find our quartz cleaning and care products on this website. We have also written an article that discusses the importance of understanding how to clean quartz countertops. Thank you for visiting our website.

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Best Quartz Cleaner Quartz Cleaner 16 oz.

Streak free quartz cleaner removes film from Belenco, Silestone, Caesarstone and other quartz.

Our Price: $9.90

Quartz Water Stain Remover Quartz Stain Remover

Clean your quartz surfaces with this Cleaner designed to remove water spots from quartz countertops and clean dirt, or lime deposits from quartz material.

Our Price: $11.99

Quartz Color Enhancing Polish Quartz Polish & Enhancer

This surface treatment is designed to enhance the appearance of your quartz surface, is food safe, and can be applied to countertop surfaces.

Our Price: $22.40
Cleaning & Polishing Kit for Quartz Surfaces Quartz Cleaner & Polish Enhancer Set

Our quartz cleaner is the best quartz cleaner for your quartz's finish. It contains zero harsh detergents that can strip away a quartz's natural polish.

Our Price: $37.95