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SapienStone Porcelain Tile & Surfaces

SapienStone Porcelain Tile & Surfaces

SapienStone is a material used to 'dress up your kitchen'. The company offers many colors from which to select and a number of designs as well. Some of the available colors and designs are as follows:

Colors & Finishes

  • Basalt Black
  • Basalt Cream
  • Urban Antracite
  • Urban Argento
  • Malm Grey
  • Malm Black
  • Brown Earth
  • Sand Earth
  • Grey Earth
  • Light Earth
  • Uni Ice
  • Calacatta Statuario
  • Pietra Grey
  • Dark Marquina
  • Bright Onyx
  • Calacatta
  • Arabescato
  • Premium White
  • Bianco Lasa
  • Rovere Baio
  • Rovere Buckskin

SaienStone is also available in bookmatch pairs.

Book Match

  • White Calacatta
  • White Calacatta Mirrored
  • Calacatta Statuario
  • Calacatta Statuario Mirrored

Cleaning SapienStone Porcelain

SapienStone porcelain materials are very durable and relatively easy to maintain and clean. In fact SapienStone make the following statement on it's website.

SapienStone's products can all be cleaned with... ...common cleaning products. It is resistant to chemicals and acids of all kinds...

Choosing a cleaner for use on SapienStone need not be a difficult task. Since it is so durable and resistant to chemicals, SapienStone can be cleaned with a variety of Lustro Italiano products.

SapienStone porcelain surfaces can be cleaned using detergents and acids that may be required for your care and maintenance requirements. Lustro Italiano offers the following cleaners and detergents that are designed for cleaning SapienStone porcelain surfaces:

Cleaner for SapienStone Porcelain

Depending on the type of cleaning you are performing, you can select the appropriate cleaner or detergent so as to get the best results. The following products are designed for cleaning porcelain materials:

  • Lustro Italiano Natural Stone Cleaner
  • Booster Porcelain/Ceramic Alkaline Detergent

Daily Cleaning of SapienStone Porcelain

For daily cleaning of your SapienStone porcelain wall and floor covering, you may use Lustro Italiano streak free natural stone cleaner. This cleaner is formulated for natural stone and meets the requirements that qualify it as an acceptable daily cleaner for SapienStone porcelain. For streak-free cleaning, simply follow these steps:

  1. Spray your porcelain wall or floor surface.
  2. Wipe off with a soft cloth or other absorbent material.

Acidic Porcelain Cleaner

Quartz Ax Cleaner - Although this cleaner has quartz in its name, it can also be used as an acidic cleaner for SapienStone if used as directed on stains requiring acidic cleaners. Always read the use and care information for any material before using any cleaner or stain remover.

Booster Cleaning Detergent

For the tougher dirt and hard-to-remove discolorations, Booster is the product to reach for. It is a multipurpose tile and porcelain cleaner. that can be use for various kinds of cleaning at various strengths. For example, it can be used full strength as a stain remover on certain materials. Or, it can be diluted (recommended) to a selected strength and used as a cleaner. When used in these ways, Booster porcelain tile and ceramic surface cleaner removes:

  • Rubber
  • Epoxy
  • Wax
  • Organic Dirt

In conclusion, SapienStone porcelain/ceramic wall and floor coverings are available in a range of textures, colors, and styles. They offer a durable solution at a number of thicknesses and like other specific surfaces, require the proper care and maintenance. By choosing the proper cleaning agents for your SapienStone surfaces, you can enjoy your porcelain wall and floor coverings for years to come.