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Concrete Swan Statue Care & Maintenance

If you have a particular fondness for swans, you may have a swan statue in your yard, garden, flower bed, or other peaceful area of your property. If so, you may be wondering how to care for my concrete swan statue. In this article, we will take a look concrete swan statue care & maintenance. As we do, we will talk a bit about concrete in general and what kinds of surface treatments might be good to think about.

Factors Affecting Concrete Statue Care & Maintenance

Although your concrete statue is of a swan, it really gets cared for like most concrete you may have around your home. However, there are some factors that might impact how you care for your concrete swan statue. Statues are made of all sorts of materials and concrtee is just one of them. Additionally, where your concrete swan statue is located will impact the care and maintenance methods you choose to use. Cleaning will be approached differently depending on what kind of cleaning you are doing. Finally, what steps you take to protect your statue will play a role as well. So let's begin our consideration of how to care for swan statues.

Is Your Swan Made of Concrete?

This might seem like a strange question, but it is a good one to consider. Not all swan statues are made from concrete. Several materials are used for statuary. For example, resin, plastic, and metal are all materials that are used for statues. You may be thinking though, "my swan statue feels too light to be concrete." However cast stone statuary is concrete nonetheless; even though it is lighter. If you want to know more about cast stone you will find a nice description of it in the article answering the question: What is cast stone? on

If your swan statue is concrete, then the rest of this article will apply. But if you have a different material, you will want to research the care and maintenance of that material.

Painted Swan Statues

The surface of the swan statue will make a difference in how you care for it. A statue that is painted will require different care and maintenance than a statue without a painted surface. Therefore, the rest of this article will consider how to care for and maintain your swan statue if it is not painted.

Swan Statue Location

Now that we have the pre-qualifiers out of the way, we are ready to get into concrete swan statue care & maintenance specifics. The first specific we will look at is the location. Why does the location of your concrete statue matter? Because moist, shaded areas will require a specific facet of care and maintenance. Areas that are moist and shaded perpetuate the growing of mold, mildew, algae and other types of fungi. Fungal stains need to be cleaned using products formulated to clean this type of substance from concrete. Using a mold remover for concrete statues and other stone materials will yield better results than other cleaners. As always, we recommend that no matter what cleaner you use, you test it on a small inconspicuous part of the concrete before using.

Regular Cleaning of Concrete Statuary

It is easy to overlook regular cleaning of your lawn statues. However just like other concrete surfaces around your home, your swan statue will only look its best with periodic cleaning. Cleaning your concrete swan statue with a stain remover designed for concrete and other stone-like materials gives you the best looking statue and helps you prepare the ornament for the next aspect of the care and maintenance of your swan that we will discuss.

Sealer for Swan Statues

Even if you keep the mold and other fungal life off your swan and clean it regularly using a concrete stain remover. You can also make the follow up treatments easier by sealing you swan statue with a sealer that is compatible with concrete. By applying an effective concrete statue sealer to your swan, you will be slowing the absorption of moisture, which slows the algae build up. Additionally, it keeps liquids form getting into the pores of the concrete statue wheres stains end up living.

As we have considered, even though having a concrete swan statue is enjoyable, it will require a bit of TLC to keep it looking its best. Yet, taking a few simple things into consideration, the care and maintenance will not be too difficult and your concrete swan statue will continue to add life to your garden, lawn, or courtyard!

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