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Buff Travertine Filler 125ml
Buff travertine filler Part


Great repair product for light colored travertine or similar stones. This travertine filler works great if you need to fill holes in travertine or repair cracks & chips in tiles or stone. Additional colors are also available per your request.

Our Price: $19.90
For Use On: Travertine, Other Similar Stones

Product Code: 14AC01BG40BUFF

Product Details SDS How to Use

Buff Travertine Filler Semisolid

Technical Data

Shelf Life:

Keep away from heat, humidity and sun. Product will last at least 6 months if kept between 65° - 77°.


Please read the safety data sheet before using.

25°C = 77°

Buff Filler Technical Data
Viscosity cps 25°C 20 r.p.m.(ASTM D2196) 200000-300000 cps
Density at 25°C gr/cm 3 1.65
Aspect Colored Paste
Ratio of use glue/hardener 100+2/3
Gel time (in bulk) at 25° C in min (1) 1.30-2.30
Tacky free in thin layer at 25° C in min 5-10
Working time suggested at 25° c in min 15-20
Minimum reaction temperature 0°C
Minimum temperature of use after hardening 0°c
Maximum temperature of use after hardening +110°C
Shelf life at 25°C for the WA version 6 months
Shelf life at 25°C for the standard version 3 months
Tensile Test ASTM D638
Ultimate tensile stress MPa 50
Extensibility >2%
Tensile Modules 4000
Flexion Test ASTM D790
Breaking load MPa 110
Adhesion Test ASTM D 4541
Adhesion force at 25°c marble botticino polished after 2 hours 3.0
Adhesion force at 25°c marble botticino polished after 24 hours 4.0
  • Recommended for Interior Use
  • Other Colors Available Upon Request
  • Smooth Consistentency
  • Easy to Spread
  • Suitable for Temperatures Above 32°
  • Use for All Sized Holes in Travertine That Will Accept Polish

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