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Buff Coloring Pigment
Buff Coloring Pigment


Use this buff coloring paste to change the color of a very light colored travertine filler to a buff shade or to tint the light colored filler to compliment the color of travertine in which you are repairing or filling holes.

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Buff Travertine Filler Color Paste

This buff adhesive coloring paste is designed for tinting or coloring adhesives of all sorts. Additionally, it is great for coloring the travertine filler not offered here on our website. Although many travertine repairs will not require buff coloring since there is a buff travertine filler that will work, this paste is designed to work with a variety of adhesives. Here, we will discuss them in the context of tinting our travertine filler to adjust the tint.

Multiple Shades of Very Light Colored Travertine

Why Buff Color for Travertine Filler?

Although most travertine is available in hues of buff and beige, there are other colors of travertine. You can see some of these in their raw form in our natural travertine photo gallery. So, if you are in need to adjust the color of your adhesive to be used on travertine or another natural stone, buff will do it. This coloring paste will give you a buff color for creating a buff colored filler.

If you have a very light colored semisolid adhesive that you would like to use as a travertine filler, you can use this coloring paste to create a travertine filler that works well with light colored travertines.

Why Use This Buff Coloring Paste for Your Filler?

The first reason to choose this buff adhesive coloring is that it is compatible with multiple glues and fillers. For example, our buff coloring paste works with the following adhesives:

  • Polyester Adhesives
  • Epoxies
  • Acrylic Glues

A second reason to select our glue coloring pigment is that Tenax coloring pastes are designed for ease of use and consistent mixing.

Coloring your travertine filler to match the stone you are filling is easily accomplished with this paste. For example, are you filling a travertine that has a buff or very light tint? You can use this buff coloring paste and mix it into a light colored filler to produce a complimentary shade of buff or very light beige that coordinates with the travertine you are repairing or filling. You can utilize this buff coloring paste to produce a light tan or very light beige filler that compliments the stone.


Simply mix the coloring paste into the filler until the filler reaches the desired shade. Multiple colors can be used to get the color you are trying to reach. NOTE: Do not exceed the maximum mix ratio of 2-3% in weight. Adding more than this can affect the filler's quality. Please see the technical data sheet

You may need to use more than one color to get the exact color that you are trying to make if your travertien has specific hues of ohter colors. In these cases, you can opt for the travertine filler coloring kit.


This buff coloring paste will last a minimum of 12 months (1 year) when stored at the proper temperature (between 65° - 77°). Also, do not store in a humid or sunlit environment.

  • Features:
  • Comes in full 10 ounce bottles.
  • Universally compatible with multiple adhesive types.
  • Although the travertine filler is recommended for indoor use only, these colors can be used to tint or color outdoor adhesives as well.
  • Easily absorbed by the adhesive or filler that is being colored.
  • Perfect consisitency means that the coloring paste can be dispensed at a controllable rate.
  • Easy sqeeze bottle design makes dispensing simple.
  • Perfect drop nozzle to help you get just the right amount of color for your filler.
  • Twist-lock cap means that you get a good seal on the bottle so the color will spill.

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