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Travertine is a natural stone that is very identifiable to anyone that has seen it. It is normally a variation of tan in color and has very distinguishable visual characteristics. Although it is related to marble and limestone in the sense that it shares some of the minerals that composed marble and limestone, it is a different rock. It has very identifiable traits that make it stand out from its counterparts. These characteristics occur due to the process under which travertine is formed. It forms in areas of heat and water like underground caves and in hot springs. One of the main characteristics of travertine is the numerous holes that appear visibly in this beautiful natural stone.

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    Travertine Care Products

    Caring for travertine is similar to caring for other stones that contain calcium carbonate. So many of the products on the site that are used for marble will also work on travertine. However, this list also includes products specifically for travertine.

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Kit For Rust or Etch Removal On Marble Marble Rust Remover & Restoration Kit

Removes rust and also the etching that the rust removal process causes. It also includes a premium sealer for resealing the marble after you remove the rust and the etch.

Our Price: $84.83
Stain & Etch Removal Kit For Restoring Marble Marble Stained Etch Remover & Restoration Kit

This treatment system is designed to remove the stains and etching from your marble stone and includes a premium sealer to reseal the stone for resistance to future stains.

Our Price: $83.86

Kit For Rust Removal And Maintaining Marble Surfaces Marble Rust & Etch Remover Maintenance Kit

Designed to only remove the rust and renew the luster of your marble and assumes you already have premium sealer to reseal the stone after you remove the rust stain and etching.

Our Price: $67.39