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Tenax Cera Fluida Stone Liquid Wax
CeraFluida Liquid Stone Wax Classic


Transparent liquid wax, used to increase the polishing effect on a variety of hard surfaces and natural stones. Brighten your marble and granite with stone wax.

Our Price: $19.90
For Use On: Onyx, Marble, Natural Stone, Granite, Agglomerates, Terrazzo

Product Code: 1MAA00BG50

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Cera Fluida Liquid Stone Wax By Tenax

CeraFluida Liquid “Classic” is a transparent liquid wax used to increase the polishing look on onyx, marble, natural stones, granite, agglomerates, and terrazzo.

It can be used on rough or brushed surfaces to obtain a semi-matt affect. The product drys very quickly. The application may increase the polish from 6-7 to 19-20 points of gloss.

Under what circumstances would you use Tenax Stone Liquid Wax?

There could be a number of different ways that this liquid wax for stone could be used:

  1. Marbles are very prone to etching and becoming dull. Especially when marble is used in more harsh settings such as bars where alcohol, lime, lemon, salt, and other strong acid type products are used. In this instance, a professional stone sealer most certainly should be used. That really isn't an option. Marble should be sealed at least once per year, preferable twice per year, under these circumstances. The Sealer will penetrate into the pores of the marble to fill in microscopic holes and create a strong seal that keeps food, acid, wine, etc out of the stone. But the Sealer is not topical. Yes it definitely coats the top of the stone. But if a lime is left on the surface for a period of time, even the best sealer will break down and an etch will occur.
    To help the sealer to last longer and to give an extra layer of protection on the marble, the Tenax Liquid Stone Wax will give a topical protection on top of the marble. Sort of like a car wax for stone. the Tenax Liquid Stone Wax will create a barrier between the lime, and the sealer. So the layers would be: Lime, liquid wax, sealer, and then the stone. This layered system will keep the bar top looking brand new and shiny.
  2. If the stone is slightly dull and has lost its shine, the liquid wax will give it a topical wax to bring out the colors more.

    Note: We do not recommend putting Tenax Liquid Wax on floors. As this is a topical wax, it will create a very slippery surface and can become a falling hazard.
  • Treats About 215-323 sq. ft. Depending on Porosity

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