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Cultured and Engineered Stone Care

Just because your natural stone is engineered or cultured, does not mean that it does not need polished or cleaned. Lustro Italiano cleaning and polishing products will work very well on your cultured or engineered stone counters. It is recommended that you do not use harsh chemicals on your engineered stone. Why? Because, even though it is engineered and contains man-made resins, it still contains stone material. Using harsh chemicals on a natural stone can react with the minerals in the stone and cause damage. The Stone Cleaner is PH neutral so it will not harm your engineered surfaces. The Stone Polish will maintain a deep lustrous shine on your engineered or cultured stones.

  • Stone Cleaners

    Cleaners for Natural Stone

    Using a cleaner that does not break down the protective coating that a stone counter top needs is an important consideration. While our stone cleaner is great for natural stones, it is also recommended for engineered stones because it contains no harsh chemicals.

  • Stone Polish

    Polishing Stone

    Engineered stone counters can benefit from the specialized formula of Lustro Italiano Stone Polish. This 'fortified' polish works to enhance the deep colors of natural stone and keep the luster.

Engineered Stone Care Products

Whether your stone is natural or engineered, it needs the proper care. Lustro Italiano products are specially designed for protecting and cleaning natural stones. However, you will find that even engineered stone can benefit from Lustor Italiano products.