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Pavonazzo Marble

Although Pavonazzo is a stone that is referred to in the trade simply as marble, there are some things that distinguish this natural marble form others. Pavonazzo is actually one of the varieties of Carrara marble.

As one of the Carrara marbles, it also brings with it a heritage that is not readily notable in the name. Many facets of Carrara add to its reputation. "Carrara Marble" is from the city of Carrara in Tuscany, Italy. It has been used for centuries as can be seen in many notable works, some of which we will look at closer momentarily.

The name "Pavonazzo" comes from the Italian word for peacock. It is also known by the term "Pavonazzetto" (a.k.a. Docimaean and Synnadic). It is characterized by the veins and the coloring of the veins. Pavonazzo veining is usually one of the following colors:

  • Dark Red
  • Purple

The veining also may have hints of bluish color or touches of yellow as well. This Italian marble has been used in a variety of buildings and construction projects throughout history.

Pavonazzo Railing First Floor Rotunda By Kenneth Allen, CC BY-SA 2.0, Link

Pavonazzo Used in Belfast City Hall

Pavonazzo marble is used in a variety of buildings including City Hall for Belfast. Pavonazzo marble was used for the railing in the photo above. This photo is of the first floor rotunda. Other photos show railings for the steps in the building and those hand rails are also made with Pavonazzo.

This is not the only application of the use of Pavonazzo in historical architecture. Other buildings also feature this distinct looking marble as well.

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