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About Carrara Marble

Searching the internet for "carrara marble" will get you many results. However, if you are looking for Carrara Marble because you like the looks of the stone but have not researched it, you may be interested in learning about what "carrara marble" really means. This page will give you some basic information about Carrara Marble. As you read the information, you will likely see why many people actually seek out this type of stone for use in a variety of projects.

Carrara - More Than Just A Name

Sure, the label Carrara Marble helps a person to identify a particular stone. Yet, like many other things, a name can carry with it other characteristics that are important to interested ones. Characteristics such as:

  • Notable History
  • Nostalgia
  • Popularity
  • Prominence

The name Carrara Marble is such product. While it is the name given to a particular kind of marble stone, it also brings with it a heritage that is not readily notable in the name.

The Origin of Carrara Marble

Carrara Marble Quarry

Although at times shoppers do not think about it, often times marble comes from the location from which it is quarried. As a result, "Carrara Marble" is from the city of Carrara in Tuscany, Italy. It has been used for centuries as can be seen in many notable works. And although many marble-loving shoppers nowadays do not ponder it much, there are specific aspects of its history and use that make it an enduring material when it comes to stone features.

Popular Carrara Marble Colors

Although marble can come in a variety of colors, there are two color in which you will find Carrara, they are:

  • Blue-grey Carrara Marble
  • White Carrara Marble

Marble Arch in London
The Marble Arch in London. Image courtesy of Stephen McKay

Uses for Carrara

Cararra Marble is an Italian marble a long history of use in both sculptures and historical buildings. Sculptures in various locations have been carved out of the high quality stone. Additionally, buildings of historical noteworthiness are constructed from Carrara Marble. There is a wide array of architecture from various parts of the world that are made form this much sought-after type of marble. Some buildings of note include:

  • The Pantheon - Rome, Italy
  • Harvard Medical School - Boston, MA (US)
  • Marble Arch - London, England
  • Far Eastern University - Manilla, Philippines
  • Oslo Opera House - Oslo, Norway
  • Milwaukee Art Museum - Milwaukee, WI (US)

Carrara Marble Care And Maintenance

No matter what kind of marble you have selected for your home, it will require a variety of treatments as part of an ongoing marble care and maintenance program. Here, we will discuss some of the aspects of caring for Carrara Marble.

Does Carrara Marble Stain Easily?

The short answer is: "that depends on how you care for it". Like other types of marble, Carrara Marble requires some TLC&M (Tender Loving Care and Maintenance) if you want it to retain the natural beauty that draws many to choose it as a kitchen surface. Often times, homeowners or property managers and caretakers find that there are substances that can cause marble to stain. Hence, they begin looking for a marble stain remover. But there are other types of care that are needed as well.

Marble Etching

Stains are not the only discolorations that affect marble. Acidic substances can also cause discolorations in Carrara Marble known as etches. These etches are caused by the acid literally dissolving a mineral found in the marble. This mineral - calcite - reacts with the acid and the result is a dull spot that can appear to be a stain. For treating these types of discolorations, an etch remover for carrara marble can be effective.

Cleaning Carrara Marble

Since the composition of Carrara Marble makes it susceptible to acids, there is a need for the proper daily cleaners used. On Carrara, a pH neutral cleaner that is designed for use on marble surfaces is the best marble cleaner to use. But there is even more that can be done to maintain the beauty and lustre of your Carrara marble surface.

Protecting Carrara Marble

Since marble is a porous natural stone, it is vital to protect it from potentially harmful liquids that could be absorbed into the pores of the stone and stain or etch the marble. Now that we have explained what kinds of concerns some have about marble care and maintenance, let's take a look at how to care for your Carrara Marble kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities, and work surfaces.

It all boils down to how to care for Carrara Marble. Having a regular system for treating the facets of maintenance mentioned above is the key to making your stone last for a long time. Here is the recommended care & maintenance routine to use on most marble stone:

  1. Use a premium marble sealer for carrara to create a barrier through which any acidic substances must work there way. Periodically test the stone to see if it needs to be sealed. This test is easy to do. Simply put some water on the surface of the stone at wait for a few minutes, and then wipe up the water. If there is a slightly darker spot where the water was, then the stone should be sealed. Sealing Carrara Marble will not make it stain proof, but it will allow you more time to clean up any spills that could be absorbed into your marble surface.
  2. In between sealing your marble surfaces, be sure to use a pH neutral cleaner designed for use on your Carrara Marble. Using a cleaner that is even slightly acidic will break down the barrier created by the sealing process described in step one.
  3. You can also use a fortified polish for Carrara Marble surfaces between sealer applications to bolster the protective barrier and keep your polished Carrara looking as shiny and new as the day you first had it installed.

In closing, Carrara Marble is a type of stone that among the most searched for marble types. Its rich history and notable uses are just a couple of reasons people find it so appealing. However, like all marble, Carrara requires some basic care and maintenance in order to keep it looking its best.

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